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  1. Craft Shows... Tips For Success

    Just remember to affix lids! It is so sad to see a fabulous pot ruined due to the customer picking the piece up to check the bottom for the price, only to have the lid hit the floor. Maybe for some to make another lid is simple. I once saw signage in a pottery store that said "we break it, we cry...you break it, you buy"...
  2. cone 6 Faux Celedon

    Is this a satin surface? It's hard to tell from the photograph...
  3. super dark clay body and glazes

    You might want to check out Stone Mountain Clay out of Georgia. They have a black clay "onyx Krunch" Stoneware cone 6. Just saw a glazed piece today and it was black. I have used 266 with nice results but not as dark as the onyx crunch... I agree with one of the earlier posts, slips might be the ticket when working with these clay bodies of this color.