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  1. Any clay suppliers in Memphis?

    Westpoint MS ( http://www.marlyncer...amics_supplies/ This should be about a 1 hour drive for you Also you might try this retailer in Morton, MS http://www.landovoz.com/ (central ms). They drop ship clay to me (same lb price and something like a $25 delivery fee for 2000 pounds ... cheaper than driving to get it). This should be about 2 - 2.5 hours drive for you. Both of these are closer than 4.5 hours. (I have no affiliation with either of these places, besides being a normal customer) Thank you for the info - I should be able to find what I need without driving too far! The drop ship option sounds like a great option. Thanks again, Terry
  2. Any clay suppliers in Memphis?

    I guess I'll check with Mid-South Ceramics in Nashville - looks like they carry a lot of stuff. Too bad they're 4.5 hours away from me. I think there are a lot of potters in and around Memphis. Seems like a possible business opportunity for someone! Terry
  3. Hello, I just moved to north Mississippi about 100 miles south of Memphis. Can anyone recommend a pottery supply house and clay retailer in the Memphis area? I've looked online and found nothing. Many Thanks, Terry