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  1. DIY Magnetic Trimming Chuck

    Thanks for such a quick reply, John! And for the link to Bailey's magnetic system as well. It was helpful seeing that; but like you, I enjoy the "personal" aspect of DIY . Will place my order for the supplies right away and hope they're not out of stock. BTW, perhaps a layer of sturdy nail polish (such as Sally Hansen's "Hard as Nails") on the magnets would help prevent their scratching the steel "bat." If rust does attack the scratches already in your steel plate, try evapo-rust.com. I've had great success with it on some excess tools I stole from my hubby to use in the studio but ended up also using in the garden--and found them much later buried in my compost pile, rusted so badly I thought there was no hope of salvage. See www.evapo-rust.com or www.pricemachine.com. $12.00 for 32 oz. Many thanks, again, for sharing. Muddy Buddy
  2. DIY Magnetic Trimming Chuck

    John, This is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for sharing! I usually trim without using clay lugs, but there have been a few times when I've coveted a Giffin Grip but couldn't justify the cost. You've made the perfect solution! Can't wait to make one. I have your links (for ordering pan and magnets) on my screen, but three questions come to mind: 1) If 1/4" magnets are good, would the 1/2" ones be even better, especially for taller items; or is 1/4" more than sufficient? 2) Have you made the extension rods for taller items yet, and will they fit within your current wood squares? 3) You suggest countersinking the magnets, and they do appear sunken to the surface of the wood in one photo. Countersinking would provide more protection for the magnets I would imagine; but in the last photo, there appears to be a space between the paper and the top piece of wood, suggesting the magnets may be glued onto the surface of the wood. This would seem to be easier than trying to align counter-sunk holes with the magnets resting on the tacks. Am I mis-reading the photos? (Perhaps the third photo shows the initial process before the magnetic attractiveness inspired the last photo???? Thanks again for such a creative idea. I look forward to hearing from you. Muddy Buddy