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  1. PQotW: Week 26

    4,3,4,3 I was leaning toward Zinc, it seems like every C6 mat glaze I use has expensive Zinc oxide in it. Denice
  2. Couldn't do either one, can't be in the heat for long because of my MS and it would drive me crazy to be unable to get work done because of the rain. My idea of a vacation is staying in a historic hotel in the old town district. Restaurants, bars and shopping within walking distance, do touristy things during the day and party at night. Denice
  3. Trying a lower bisque temperature than your glaze might help, it also looks too thick to me. The thinner I can put clear glaze on the better. I don't use a drill mixer unless the the bucket is old and settled. I use a 5 gal wood paint paddle that you can get at a paint store. Denice
  4. I have moved my big Skutt several times and have never damaged them. It was even moved from the basement up a long narrow stairs and then down again to the truck by movers. I worried about them handling it but claimed they had moved kilns before, they moved three kilns for me had slight breakage on my oldest one. Denice
  5. Never have liked glazing and I dread when I have to make a plaster slab for drying wet clay, I love the rest of it. You have to dislike something or you will never realize how much you love it. Denice
  6. Indie and go fund me efforts

    The go fund me has gotten carried away, it was for charities at the beginning. I had a nephew ask for money to pay their utilities, my sister set up one to get dentures. I didn't donate I knew it wouldn't happen she had gone too long with out teeth for dentures to work. She had a thousand dollars donated to it so she just used it for living expenses. Denice
  7. Pkqw #24

    3,1,3,4 I was going to pick oil on number three but water makes would arc better I think. Denice
  8. Cautionary Tale

    That is a impressive hole, this a bad kiln month, I had to rewire my big Skutt several weeks ago. Denice
  9. Can't log in

    1. Denice


      Finally got to log in. Did you miss me.

  10. I'm with Chris and Chilly on the face pots, I'm not sure when they actually first appeared. I know there were a lot of them around in my youth when stoned hippies were making them. Denice
  11. Curriculum Help?!

    Wiping table tops with damp clothes and mopping around work areas will reduce the dust. Have the kids hand build or coil and no sanding. Harbor freight sells some flat masks for cheap that I use in my shop. They are so comfortable I forget I have them on. I had a teacher that had the students do the cleaning, she would say if you wanted to work with clay you had to learn how to clean the studio. To get the school in gear call in on a tip line to a news station about the problem. They would love to get a hold of a story like that and exaggerate how much danger the kids are in. I have never taken a class in a room with a hepa filter, my college clay area didn't even have windows, heating or air conditioning. Denice
  12. Do Glaze Materials Age?

    A ball mill may be a good investment for you. You can mill your raw materials and then have a nice piece of equipment for other uses. If you decide to start over on your raw materials I am sure you can find a potter that will take them. Potterbarter is a site online that potters sell, trade or give away pottery supplies. Denice
  13. Company

    Are those deer in your yard? We have them across the street, they rarely cross the street. I did have a tree killed by a deer one winter. Denice
  14. Maybe you could do a low fire bisque on the Cone 10 porcelain, it would be nice and white and smash easily. Do you have a test kiln and time to test some ideas. Denice
  15. Totality=One Lucky Guy

    Great photos we only had a 93% totality here but it was clear skies, a lot of people from this area drove to St. Joe, Missouri. They had clouds and rain and didn't see anything until the last minute of totality. I saw a interview with a couple who flew from London to Nashville, they didn't get to see anything at all, totally covered with clouds. You did get lucky with a lot of planning. Denice
  16. Danish Matte Glaze Recipe?

    Have you checked to see if there is any ceramic forums in that part of the world that are talking about them. These look like glazes that the potters may have taken years to develop and are keeping the formulas close to their heart. It looks like a low fire majolica type glaze to me with stains spray on them. The glaze chemicals in Europe can have a slightly different chemical footprint than ours. You have to do a lot of testing and redesigning the glaze to come close to the original glaze. Maybe someone on the forum is familiar with the Landon and Nielsen's work. Denice
  17. The best advice I ever got was from Rick St.John, he was my teacher in my first throwing class. He was explaining to the class that we could glaze three pieces for the semester and that was only because he needs something to grade. He said we were at the stage where we shouldn't keep anything, we should pick carefully because a archeologist could find that piece of pottery in a dig a 1000 years from now. Do we really want our name scratched in the bottom of that beginners piece for eternity. I got really good at recycling pots before they got fired. We only needed one good pot to turn in for a assignment so that is what I kept. Denice
  18. Is This Kiln Worth Fixing?

    Looks better than the 45 year old kiln I still use. Denice
  19. I wouldn't fire it in my kiln the handle could fall off and stick to the shelf. Denice
  20. Pkqw: Week 21

    All fours, with a hand like that maybe I need to buy a lottery ticket and my internet is back on must be a lucky day. Denice
  21. If this accident works out and you want to try glazing greenware with other glazes, test them first. Off gassing can affect some glazes. Denice
  22. Have you been to a library, I know it is kind of old fashion concepts but I like to look at a book before I buy it. They also may have some good books that you can't buy anymore. Denice
  23. I had looked into a tougher white body clay, my clay retailer suggested Laguna WC 402 Half and Half. It was half B-Mix and some other white body clay, I was working on a large mural and decided it still wouldn't be strong enough. It might work for the small items you are working with. Denice
  24. New Kiln Prep

    I don't know who wrote those instructions but I don't think firing those wood stilts is a good idea. Denice