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  1. It depends on how thin they are, the thinner they are the more they are likely to crumble at the slightest touch. You could probably put a stain wash on it before it dries for some color. How big are these discs, I have read about microwave kilns that jewelry makers use. I ran across one on E-Bay a couple of years ago for $50. Would you need to use porcelain clay for this project, hand made paper may me a good start. You could make your own paper and use some wood as your mold for the wood texture or buy the paper and try some different techniques. Denice
  2. The only thing I could think of is to test your least favorite mold. Soak it in some water with bleach and then put it in let it dry. When it isn't soaking wet anymore and the bleach seems to have done it job you can put it in a 180 oven and finish drying it. Above 180F damages the plaster structure, if your oven temperature is off try 150F. Denice
  3. I haven't added a new avatar since I lost my old one in the last change. Denice
  4. Mark that glaze brought back some college memories from the 70's. I still collect glaze formula's but usually don't get around to testing them. Once in a while I will need something new so while I am testing a particular glaze I might as well test them all. Denice
  5. I was acquainted with a local high school ceramics teacher who didn't have any kilns to fire in while the school was remodeling and putting in new kilns. She got some low fire clay and started doing Raku in a old Weber grill. Denice
  6. Great photo brings back so many memories, I was probably just starting college I got a late start. Denice
  7. I have another big tile on my work table and firing my third glass test firing today. I am testing four different glasses a wine bottle, clear drinking glass, window glass and a blue tempered glass. So far the wine bottle glass melts and looks the best. I haven't got a complete melt on the other three yet. Denice
  8. I will glaze a piece of greenware and stick it in a firing when I need to fill the kiln. It is usually just glaze I have sitting around, sometimes I get pin holing but usually have good luck. I prefer to work with bisque. Denice
  9. Not so much rock and rolling going on right now, my husband bought a new welder a few weeks ago. Once he get tired of welding and warm weather is here to stay we will be turning up the stereo. We are in our late 60's, people tell us we act much younger. We are usually one of the last people to leave a party if it is a good one. Denice
  10. I listen to old shows on the television that I have seen, I don't need to look up at them. I also listen to old rock and roll, I switch back and forth between them. My husband's shop is next to mine, if he has a oldies station on the sounds good I will turn it on also. We open the door between us and sing and dance the afternoon away, lots of fun. Denice
  11. I have three digital scales, the largest capacity one has a digital clock on it and it eats up my battery. I remove it when I am not using it and tape it to the scale so it will be there when I need it. Denice
  12. If I have a light firing I will add extra shelves to get a more consistent firing. I don't have to do this very often I have a test kiln, a small kiln and a large Skutt. My small paragon went out last year it was 45 years old. Thought I could get by without it but I couldn't ended up searching for another small kiln. Found a nearly new Blue Diamond at a estate sell. Denice
  13. Have you considered taking a pottery class for signing up for a seminar that involves doing a wood firing? Denice
  14. Sabotage does happen in school situations. I had my work chopped up with a axe on Christmas break when I was in high school. Someone was really pissed at me, the only reason I could come up it the art teacher had me grade his papers handed in by students. The worse grade I ever gave was a D and that was when someone didn't try and just scribbled a design. It didn't really bother me I just started on new work. Denice
  15. I think you will lose most of the smoke finish no matter what temperature you refire at if our firing in a electric kiln. I had some pots in a pit firing in college as part of a research project, The archeologist ended the firing way too soon so none of the pots were even close to being fired. There were nice and smoky but delicate to the touch, I refired them at C04 and lost most of the smoke. Denice
  16. Stay away from Disney, this happened 36 years ago when my son was 2 years old. I put him in a daycare to socialize him, he worked at my store with me since birth but needed to play with other children. The daycare had a large room painted with Disney characters, I don't know how Disney found out about it but they sent a letter and told them to paint over them or they would sue them. This was a private daycare facility that had around 15 children and at least 10 years before their was the internet. Denice
  17. Gabby my mother in-law is doing great, she didn't end up with any physical problems and she has her speech back. She still mixes up or forgets a few words but who doesn't do that. It gives us a little time to find a assisted living facility for her, there is always a waiting list. She had 5 mini strokes and going to need some surgery in the future, my husband spent the night with her. I spent most of the day working on the tile, it weighed 12lbs when I started on it and I have taken 4 lbs off of it but I still have a lot of carving to do. Denice
  18. I have a huge tile on my work bench that I rolled out yesterday, I am going to work on sculpting the design in it today. I am making a press mold, I need 18 tiles to build a grill in the porch window. It is going to take me longer than I thought to complete this project, my mother in-law had a stroke a hour before her 96th birthday party Saturday. I am going to be busy helping her when she goes home. Denice
  19. Like Marc and Sam my Bailey slab roller has Formica on it and storage underneath it. Their is always work being done on it, if I am not using it my husband will spread some newspapers out and work on come car part. My shop has heat and air conditioning I am glad to share some space with him. We bought the slab roller unit and built the table from plans that Bailey sent with the roller. I would have a hard time parting with it. I have made thousands of tiles with it and I am starting a new tile project soon. Denice
  20. When I have a clay that seems to dry, I put it in a bag with a little water. The amount of water depends on how much clay you have, you put the bag in a 5 gal bucket of water. Over night the water pressure pushes the moisture throughout the clay. If it is really hard will take 2 days. Denice
  21. Your last comment is offensive to me, your employees aren't trying to get in their daily exercises. They are trying to save there backs and not wanting to look like the hunch back of Notre Dame in a few years. I worked as a dental lab technician and had to sit perfectly still for hours, it started effecting my health. My doctor told me I had to get up an move around at least once a hour, it didn't help that much and my boss was always grumbling under his breath about it. I really liked my work and hated to quit, I ended up finding a part time lab job and going back to college. Denice
  22. Are you using a Cone 5 clay? Denice
  23. Had a thunder/sleet storm last night , so were stuck inside today. I have designs for my tile project all over my work table and I have plenty of clay to practice with so I am all set for this cold and nasty weather. The word catawampus is used in this area still. Denice
  24. I plan to do a boil freeze test in my freezer also. The polar vortex has moved on and it is suppose to be 66 by Sunday and back down to 8 Wednesday. Our weather has been this way all winter. I am making glass discs that look like old bottles as part of the design. I making the molds for the crush glass now and will start test firing my glass. I plan to use clear beer bottles for the smaller outer discs and colored wine bottles for the center. I need about 80 small discs and 20 large ones, I am going to see if I can get empty clear bottles from bars. My husband volunteered to drink that much beer but it would take him six months, I don't want to wait that long. Denice
  25. If you can see cracks under the glaze then there are cracks in the glaze that you can't see. I would return them if you plan to eat off of them, if they are just for show you can keep them. They won't break apart just get more crazing in the glaze. Denice
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