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  1. Shopping for My First Kiln

    It sounds like your shed is going to be your best bet for your kiln. It is starting to warm up you outside you can get out there with a caulking gun. You won't have to worry about fumes and ventilation in the shed, it will be safer. There was an newbie on the Electric Fire Cone 6 forum that had his neighbor (who thought he was a electrician) wire in his kiln. The first time he fired it the electrical wires in his wall caught on fire and nearly burned down his house. He gave up pottery. My mother in-laws house is about the same age as your mobile home and it has aluminum wiring. You may be able to find out what size and type of wiring is used in a mobile home. The only new kiln I have ever purchased is a test kiln, I couldn't find any of them used. When I graduated with my degree in Ceramics my professor suggested I get a test kiln, he said it would make testing quicker and easier. I already owned a small and large kilns that I bought used. Denice
  2. You are not meant to be a potter if you think the time and steps it takes to make a piece of pottery is ridiculous. Your also not meant to be a potter if you get all your information off a U tube video. You think buying a book or taking a class a complete waste of time and money. Denice
  3. Shopping for My First Kiln

    I looks like those broken bricks will be easy to replace since they are on the top edge of the bottom section. I wouldn't take that section apart you could probably loosen the outer metal a little. The bricks are really fragile, I would just try to fit new bricks in and adjust them with a saw. Your wiring will also be easier because your kiln is in two sections. Do you have a 50 amp breaker for your 240 outlet, that is what I have always fired my Paragon with. Does your Paragon have a kiln sitter on it? If you don't have one you might as well spend a little extra money and get a computerized controller. I am not one of those people who have rebuilt a lot of kilns so someone on the forum may have some better advice. I hope this helps. Denice
  4. Shopping for My First Kiln

    It is always a lot cheaper to refurbish a kiln than it is to buy even a tiny new one. You need to call Paragon and talk to them, there is videos on line on how to replace your elements. When I rewired my Skutt recently I found a great deal on a cord at the Menards Building Center and replaced it while I was working on it. Denice
  5. I have always wanted to try everything, I finally realized I needed to focus on one area for my work to improve. Pres if you ever get to my area of the country, Wichita State University has a 3 d printer that is the size of a room. You can rent it by the hour, you will need to reserve your time way in advance. My son found a small 3D printer at a DAV that was broken, he repaired it and wore it out using it so much. He rebuilt it and took it with him when he moved to Palau, it was broken while being shipped. He had me order new parts and he repaired it again. He took it with him to make things they needed for everyday life. He did make a duplicate of a wasp nest he found. very cool. Denice
  6. You need to pick your kiln size by the amount of work you produce or might produce in the future. It is harder to fill a large kiln before you can fire it. If you are a massive thrower you shouldn't have any problem filling it. I am a hand builder so it takes me a while. I have always had a big Skutt a medium size Paragon and small test kiln.. My Paragon is 50 years old and is to old to repair any more, I miss having it around it was a lot easier to fill. I don't know about C10 versus C8 all of my kilns are C10 and I get what I would consider long life out of the elements. Denice
  7. I haven't found a community that I fit in, there is a group of younger artists that set up a gallery in old town and are involved in Final Friday. I spoke to one of the members about getting involved and he basically told me I was a old woman and wouldn't fit in with the group. The potters my age are busy with their work, travel and grandchildren so I have never made a good connection there. A new multi million dollar arts center opened with week so I will probably check it out this spring and see what is happening. Denice
  8. Congratulations to both of you I will have to buy a magazine next time I am shopping at the ceramic supply store. Denice
  9. Handy Techniques

    Great idea about using the plastic tub as a spray booth, I don't spray that much, it would work well for someone who does. I find a large cardboard box and make a temporary one, I cut a whole in one corner for a small fan for a down draft. Set the whole mess up in the garage so I will have plenty of ventilation, when I am finish I just throw the box away. Denice
  10. When I was four my mother received a mosaic tray kit as a present. She decided she didn't want to mess with it, I told I did, so I set on her lap and glued all of the tiles into the tray. After that I didn't want dolls I wanted arts and crafts for Christmas. When I was 11 our art teacher gave each of us a ball of clay to make anything we wanted. I sat there with my ball of clay and watched the other kids pound out ash trays. To start with my parents didn't smoke and the ash trays didn't look much different than the ball of clay. I walk up to my teacher and asked her if I could really make what I wanted, she said yes. I had been reading a book about Egyptian cats, so I decide to make a pendant of a Egyptian cat. It turned out great and hung in the schools art showcase the rest of the year. I walked by it everyday think how amazing clay is, you can make anything you want out of it. My parents didn't even decorate the house, the only picture on the wall was one of Jesus and my dad had a plaster American Eagle on top of the television. I guess I just fell in love with clay. Denice
  11. Pyrometer Usage?

    Ron I have the same Skutt but I have a dual set up. I have some extra holders for the outside of the kiln that came with it. If you need one just PM me your address and I will mail you one. Skutt technician told me he has the end cut out of one of the plugs, the Skutt ones are hollow so you have to stuff kiln fiber around the inside. Then he puts them in towards the end of the firing to extend the life of the thermocouple. This worked well for me because I had three kilns and could use it on all of them. You still have to be careful when loading the kiln with the placement of your shelves and pots, I think mounting it is best for a smaller kiln for the right location. I have been firing this way for at least 10 years, enjoy be careful not to down fire too much heat soak can be your enemy. Denice
  12. Animals at work!

    When I read the topic heading , I was thinking the animals were potters. My dog sleeps next to the heater in my studio curled up in a ball, after 2 or 3 hours he gets up stretches and then stands near me until I let him back into the house. About that time I am also ready for a good stretch. I have never gotten a decent photo of him, he moves around too much and when he sleeps he looks like a black ball of fur. Nice picture of the raccoon, I only see them sulking around at night. Denice
  13. IMG 7207

    Love your contemporary style and it looks like you have some nice glazes. Denice
  14. I think if you have a finish you like if worth a little bit of wasted glaze. You will have wasted a a lot of valuable time trying to figure out how to save glaze. You could try putting on a thinner coat the then wiping it. I don't think that Nutmeg is a very expensive glaze to make. Denice
  15. PQotW: Week 39

    EZ PEZ is just what I needed with my befuddled brain today. Denice
  16. Glass Transition video

    Very funny, put a smile on my face this morning. Denice
  17. Had my first MS relapse in 10 years Saturday the whole right side of my body went numb.  My hands still work  so I can still stumble out to my studio and still work.  I guess it doesn't take too much to make me happy.   Denice

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      Joseph F

      I smell most of the time unless I need to go somewhere. It's okay to be a little stinky. Showers are hard for me as well due to my skin. Just be smelly! It will be okay! :wub:

    3. glazenerd


      Very sorry to hear you are going through this set back. A temporary, short term, short lived and momentary problem; that I believe will be resolved quickly. 

  18. Relay Life Update

    Yea! Electric fire all the way. Denice
  19. What is the name of that brush? My son will be in Italy sometime next year, he could pick one up for me. Denice
  20. PQotW: Week 38

    3, 4, 1, 4. I think number 4 is oxblood because of all of the iron. Scotch Topaz fits the description of the glaze, a much better name. Denice
  21. Longer firing

    My 1227 Skutt was taking 12 hours when the wires were worn, I rewired and now it is taking 9 hours for C6. I fire manually. Denice
  22. I was taking a sculpture class at night and I had just finished a large bas relief of a Lion. My teacher was so taken with it she said I needed to make a silicone mold of it. So I did my research and put the silicone on it, I could not get it to budge. She said I could take it home and burn it off in my kiln, what a disaster. My kiln was in the basement and smoke started billowing through the house. I got my son out of the house and ran up to the third floor and turned on our whole house fan, opened a window in the kitchen and held my breath when I went to the basement to turn off the kiln. We waited outside until the smoke stop, it was quite impressive, we were hoping no one else could see it and call the fire department. Once we were back inside the house seemed alright until we got to the kitchen. There was stalagtites hanging from the kitchen ceiling and it had turned yellow. Fortunately it was a small kitchen and we had just recently painted the ceiling, so the next day I vacuumed the ceiling and repainted. My husband was out of town and he would have freaked out about something like this. When he got home a few days later I told him what happened, he just said looks like you took care of it. Phew! Denice
  23. PQotW: Week 36

    3, 1, 2, 4 Question 3 was a little tricky but have mixed Vermiculite in clay and fired it up to C6. It is a little powdery at that stage but it didn't pick out easily. Denice
  24. I scratch my name, my work are coiled pots and by the time they are stiff enough to flip, it is to late to do anything but scratch it in. The bottom aren't even enough for a stamp and if I scrape them the clay get rough because of all the grog. I try to make it easy to read, I have been at pottery sales where the signature was fancy but unreadable. Denice

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