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  1. Finished a nice moon shape pot yesterday which isn't easy when you coil. Put up new lights for my studio, better color and brighter lights, it made most of the studio look better. I had one corner of the room that had damaged sheetrock from a roof leak suddenly it stuck out like a sore thumb. I have it remudded and taped and will probably paint it today. Denice
  2. We still use the dinnerware set that I threw twelve years ago, it its getting a little scratchy looking. I have been thinking about putting one of the plates in a glaze firing. It might cure the haze on the plates or make the puddle. I will give it a try in my next firing. Denice
  3. I was rejected at a show because I didn't have a bachelors degree. It was a local show, I had gotten my work put on slides just like the instructions in the application. When I was paying the fee and they were looking over my application. I was told I shouldn't bother applying I didn't have a degree so I wouldn't be taken very seriously. I took my $25 and went home. I attended the show later and found very few local artist included in the show. Denice
  4. Unloaded a glaze firing last Friday and finished a coiled bowl today. My sister left this morning she and her husband has been visiting for a week so I haven't spent much time in my studio. They are on another long RV trip planning to be back in Sacramento by Thanksgiving. Peace and quiet until my son and his wife get home from Europe at the end of the month. Denice
  5. I did a little ceramics when I was young but really got hooked on it in high school. This was the late 60's so everything was pretty groovy. I went to college a couple of different times to finish my bachelors in Ceramics. Besides what I learned in the ceramics department the other classes I took help me develop as a potter and artist. Classes like Geology, Astronomy and History are the ones a pull from for design inspirations. I found out that I was a pretty good painter, I love life drawing, and art history brought out my inner researcher. The only thing I would change is I wish I had a more advanced materials class and that my professor was around. He was retiring my senior year and I was pretty much on my own. He spoke to me after my Senior Show and told me that my work was really good. He said it made him realize that he didn't even know what I was doing and he was sorry he wasn't around. Denice
  6. You are lucky it is just one clay, I had a friend from college get out of the pottery business. She called and wanted to know if I wanted her clay, I said sure and thought we would talk about it another day. A few days later I found a dozen 5 gal buckets on my driveway, dried up and no marking on the buckets. The clay in the buckets were different colors also, my husband and I decided it wasn't worth rejuvenating and testing them. We were lucky we had a small creek behind our house that the city was diverting and filling in, we dumped the clay into the old creek. Denice
  7. Denice

    Simple question

    I have purchase two canvas rolls for my Bailey slab roller, they are about a inch too wide for my roller when I get them. I just hose them in the drive way and leave them there until they dry. I also clean them this way when they get clogged up with clay. They fit much better with a little shrinkage, I have one canvas for red clay and one for white. I use a plastic rib to take out the canvas texture and find any hidden air bubbles. Canvas you buy at a fabric store probably wouldn't need any washing. I rinse them on nice warm days so they will get dry in one day. The canvas that is used on the Bailey slab roller is heavy and slow to dry. Denice
  8. Denice

    Any info on a Seeley-olivia kiln

    I found a little information on-line about the Seeley Olevia kilns. They were a ceramic supplier that advertised in the late 50's with Ceramics Monthly. One mention of the kiln that someone was thinking of buying was that it fired to C8. It was a larger kiln than a doll kiln, I don't know it that makes any difference. I had a friend that was a doll maker, she made them out of a porcelain type slip that fired to C5 so a C8 kiln sounds right for dolls. Denice
  9. My best handmade tool is also a extruder, I found the directions in a Ceramics Monthly probably 20 years ago. I built it originally according to the instructions and have changed a few components over the years to make it stronger. I make the dies for it from dies for cookie presses, I find cookie press sets at estate sales for a couple of dollars. I even have a really heavy duty cookie press that will extrude handles for cups that I paid a dollar for. Denice
  10. Wouldn't it be nice if it expanded nation wide. My son showed signs of being autistic when he was a baby, I did my research and tried everything that was suggested. When he was in high school he was diagnosed with severe ADA. He was a very calm and quiet child, most doctors thought he had to be hyperactive to be ADA. I started him rolling out clay snakes when he was two and then we progressed to dinosaurs. He is married now and still has ADA but has a very understanding wife. Denice
  11. Denice

    Clay contamination

    I have always heard the stinkier old clay is the better it throws. Denice
  12. I hope you find a good job,  I have looked at two different pottery jobs in the past.  One paid by the piece,  it was mostly slab work.   The other was a job to make slip mold originals.  Neither of them paid a living wage  and required a lot of driving.   We don't have very many pottery factories in Kansas.  I am sure with all of the potteries in Stoke-on Trent you will find the perfect job.    Good luck.    Denice

  13. Yappy I have started carrying a letter with my from my neurologist that I am disabled. I haven't applied for a handicapped tag yet, I am not ready for the abuse people give you when they don't think you are disabled but are using a handicapped parking spot. MS is one of those invisible diseases also unless you have progressed to a wheelchair. I was buying clay the other day and the lady I usually deal with was having trouble putting the clay in my car. He hands were curled up so tight from arthritis that she couldn't grasp the box. I helped her pick them up and told her that two old ladies could do it if we worked together. She laughed. Now that my husband is retiring I will have help. Denice
  14. My State Farm agent photographed my kiln room when we built our new house and studio, this was 11 years ago. They have never had a problem with my kilns but since things have change I should probably call him. Denice
  15. I also use a stick with a sponge on the end. I bought mine but you could probably make one your self. You can drill a hole slightly smaller that your screw into a dowel rod. Push the screw through your sponge and screw it into the hole you drilled. Denice
  16. Denice

    How To Improve?

    The local college near me Wichita State University has free tuition for seniors but you still need to pay material fees. I attended a nearby community college seminar on tile making. I noticed how much personal attention the beginners got. They had over booked the seminar and I was drafted to be a teacher. I had been making tile for 10 years and knew more about it than the speaker who was from a commercial tile factory. A small community college might give you the help you need. Denice
  17. Denice

    Kilns - new or second hand?

    When you get a kiln and start firing it you also need to learn what temperature it is by the color of the heat. I know both of my cone charts also have a color heat chart. I have been firing a manual electric kiln for 40 years, I can tell what temperature it is at by the color. It is very useful information to have in case something goes wrong with your digital controller. Many times my husband will check on the kiln and tell me it's about to click off, it's color is yellow. I go out and take a look and tell him it needs to be a whiter yellow so it will be another half hour. Denice
  18. Denice

    Plaster for wedging table

    I make my slabs out side, I throw a plastic drop cloth over the side walk. When I was a dental lab technician I learned to use the coldest water I could. This gives you more working time, I also have started making two smaller slabs. I am getting older and it's getting harder to move the slabs around. Denice
  19. Cardboard box is a great idea, my dog likes to clean up my trimmings. I have to watch him to much clay can clog him up. Denice
  20. Denice

    Orange Red Iron Glaze

    I didn't even consider that the talc could be the problem. I had a lot of talc that was probably 40 years old, I sold most of it to Marc C. The old talc had abestos in it and he couldn't make one of his standard glazes with out it. Denice
  21. Denice

    Orange Red Iron Glaze

    I have mixed this glaze for years and have never had any problems with it turning brown. It comes out like the tiles posted, I can see the orange and red in it with a oil spot back ground. I believe this is the way Orange Red Glaze is suppose to look. The type of clay you are testing it can make a difference also. When I am testing a glaze I try it on several different clay's, I think porcelain was used in the samples in the book. You also have to consider the factor of going from a photograph to print production can change a color slightly. Denice
  22. It hasn't been that recent but I added some vermiculite to some clay I was using for a mural. I thought it would make it lighter and give it that rough look I was wanting. It succeeded on both of those but failed in burning out. It was only fired electric to C04, I took a dental probe and dug out all of the powdery vermiculite on the areas that were visible. It might of burn't out if I had fired it to C6. Denice
  23. Denice

    Recommend vendor for Vent Kiln?

    I have been firing electric kilns for over forty years next to a window, I would put a fan in the window to pull the fumes out. If the studio got fumy I would find something else to do. I did buy a Skutt Envirovent system quit a few years ago so I could keep my window closed in the winter. Recently my Envirovent system wouldn't turn on, I had a kiln loaded and ready to go so I stuck my fan in the window. It turned out there was a wasp nest on the flapper of the Enviorvent. I think you could start firing with a fan and look around for a deal on the system you want. I have read instructions someplace on how to build your own exhaust system. If you look around on the internet I am sure you can find them. Denice
  24. Denice

    Bubbling ^06 Glaze

    I can't tell from your photos whether you used a clear glaze but I know it will be milky if it applied to thick. If you are using a red clay that can also cause problems with the glaze. I would try firing first at 04 first before you change anything. Denice
  25. Denice

    New and confused

    When I buy a used kiln I always budget in new elements for it, they usually need rewired. Kiln sitters also need maintenance, I have replace many parts in the sitter over the years. Do you know how old the kiln is and how much it was used? Denice

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