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  1. Large turntables made with Formica sink cut outs and a Lazy Susan hardware kit. I bought one 25 years ago for $25 dollars, I like it so much I made two more sizes low profile and much bigger diameter. Great for large heavy sculptures. Denice
  2. Handy Techniques

    I was loading my test kiln and was having trouble with my posts being the right height, I was trying to fire 6 tiles. I just finished a outdoor mural using 1 inch porcelain tiles, I had a box of them sitting in my studio. I only fire to C 6 so I thought I would give them a try, I put one on top of each post and that gave me the clearance I was wanting without having to go to a much taller post. Denice
  3. Highwater clay users

    I bought some Laguna Buff that was wet and sticky, it was almost in a liquid state, there was no slicing it. I probably should have taken it back. I pulled the plastic bag down and just let the block of clay dry. After 8 hours I would cover the clay again so the water in the clay would distribute evenly, I would uncover it again if it was still too wet. You are on a deadline so you probably don't have time for this method. Denice
  4. I would move away from the Campana clay formula, you said it was Cone 6 to 8. This clay won't vitrify unit it is fired to Cone 8, if you glaze fire at C6 mugs will leak and your work will break easier. You can't blame clay companies for not wanting to give away their formula's that is how they make there living. Denice
  5. Everyday I get to spend time in my studio is a good day and opening a glaze firing can be a good day. I had a good day where I loaded a glaze firing perfectly the first try, it was a beautiful sight to see. I even e-mail a picture of it to my son who lives half way around the world. He was impressed, he has help load kilns and knows that my coiled pots with no consistent size or shape can be a pain to load without wasting space. Denice
  6. What's your Mug?

    Mine is a mug I got from Mark C, great feeling 12oz gas fired mug. Thick enough wall to keep the coffee hot but not very heavy even when filled with coffee. Speaking of coffee, I think I will go and make me a cup. Denice
  7. Rubber/Silicone Ribs

    Love the mud tools and stainless steel ribs, I bought a long thin flexible stainless rib recently that I love. I use them on coiled pots. I made ribs for the first time last week, I think I will stick to restaurants. Denice
  8. PQotW: Week 32

    3,3,1,2 Like Marcia said what in the heck is wysiwyg. Sorry I don't swear my mother would of paddled my bottom for saying heck. Denice
  9. SCM warm has more personality than SCM cool, I apply it on the thick side. I like to play with it, I will glaze some pots that I am not crazy about and then layer different leftover glazes on it to see what will happen. I keep them around for my relatives to pick from when they come around asking for a piece of pottery. Have fun! Denice
  10. I like to have noise in the background, if I don't I hear all of the weird noises my house makes. I like old rock and roll radio station that still has a local disc jockey or I have the television on that has a program on that I have seen. I am a visual learner, so when I work all on my concentration and attention is on the pot I am working on. Sometimes I even block out the noise around me. Last year I was working in my studio and the TV weatherman I assume was reporting tornado possibility in my area, I had totally blocked it out. Sideways wind, rain and hail hit my studio so hard I nearly jumped out of my skin a tornado could have been close by. I got a weather radio in my shop for safety I need something that is loud enough to break my concentration. Denice
  11. I regret not going back to college to take the glaze chemistry class I needed over. My professor decided to teach it as a art history class so I didn't get the knowledge I needed. I tried to take it again but it always had a waiting list, since I had taken it once I was put at the back of the list. I think I could create my own glazes instead of mixing up other peoples formulas. Denice
  12. satin matte glazes - earthy tones

    I did a bunch of testing on a black clay and only came up with one glaze that I like. The clay was very coarse it was hard to hand build with even, I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. Denice
  13. PQotW: Week 30

    I am going to jump off the deep end with this one 3,3,3,3 . Maybe I should have had some coffee before I jumped. Denice
  14. Christmas Ornaments

    I have made ornaments for personal use on small trees. I use a white clay and made ornaments that look like old fashion candies and peppermints you see around Christmas. I made a stamp the would put the design in relief and then fill the low areas with brightly colored under glazes. I left the rest unglazed so they would be easy to fire, they had a stained glass appearance to them. I also made a decorative cross ornaments with this method. Denice