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  1. Denice

    Re-firing low fire glaze

    Do you have a oven large enough to put your sculpture in? The glaze will stick better to a warm surface, it is hard to put a second coat on a previously glaze piece. The second coat kind of removes the first coat you just put on. Do you fire your own work? I assume this is a Cone 04 glaze, the higher it is fired the softer the orange will be. If you are using a low fire clay you could probably fire it to Cone 02 and not melt your sculpture. Of course testing first would be the best but not always possible. Denice
  2. Like you I have a TV that I watch movies for shows that I have seen before. I listen and don't have to watch, I also have a boom box that I play when I am tired of the television. On the weekends when my husband is in his workshop, we tune it to the same oldies station and rock on. If I don't have a environmental companion I hear all of the pops and bangs the house is making and my house makes some loud noises that worry me. Denice
  3. Denice

    If one of your students....

    I had to do that to when I owned a wallpaper store, one time I had a group come in and the leader of the group looked like he was head of the Chinese mafia. He picked out a pattern in a book that was commercial vinyl that costs 30 dollars a roll. He kept coming up to me and demanding I sell it to him for 50 cents a roll, I finally asked them to leave. There intimidation techniques didn't work on me. Denice
  4. Callie nice windows and studio in the basement, the house I had my basement studio in was so old it had sunk 18 inches into the ground. The few windows it had were bricked up. Denice
  5. Denice

    Help with drying

    Ask if you can just drop in and check on your work on the odd days. I like having my studio very close so I can check on my work. Denice
  6. It is not impossible to put a kiln in a old basement. My kiln was in the same room as the washer, dryer and the breaker box. We had updated the wiring and breaker box when we rebuilt the kitchen, the electrician ran surface conduit from the kiln to the breaker box. Someone had already put a dryer vent through the outside wall. So we got rid of the flexible metallic hose and put in a metal box conduit and install a vent fan. I couldn't use the dryer while I was using it for venting the kiln fumes. It could have used better ventilation, I just stayed out of my studio on days that I fired. Rewiring the kitchen and laundry room really cut the cost of our house insurance, we had knob and tube in the rest of the house that was in good condition. The money we saved on insurance covered the cost of the wiring after a few years. Denice
  7. I am quite spoiled with the new studio I built with our new house 11 years ago but I did start out with meager beginnings. My first area was in my husbands garage, I had a fold down table, chair, bucket of water and a used kiln. Three years later we buy a bigger house and it had a small shack that the previous owner rewound motors in. We cleaned it up, painted and fixed the plumbing, It had been built as a place for the owners son to sleep in when he came back from the Korean war. That didn't work out he had a Korean bride with him. We decided after living there 10 years that we wanted to restore a historical house. We bought the biggest house in the worst condition in the historical district. There was a stream in the basement and that was where my studio was going. We got rid of the stream and painted everything white and hung a bunch of florescent lights, I had my kilns wired in and worked in the dungeon for 13 years. Our son grew up and moved away and we were just rattling around in this big old house. I decided it was time to build our pre-retirement/dream house. We down sized the living area but increased the work shop area where we spend most of our time. My studio now has a kiln room with good ventilation and wiring, my sink area has a good settling system and the room has lots of windows. The heating/air condition system doesn't work that well but it is enough to get by. My husband is retiring this year and the house is paid off. YEA Denice
  8. Denice

    Choosing Glazes

    Mark if you ever need some of that old Talc I still have a half of gallon of it left over from the Talc I shipped to you. Denice
  9. My itty bitty AIMS test kiln fires to C10 and has a dedicated 20 amp breaker with #12 wire. Denice
  10. I am also a visual learner, I was partially deaf when I was very young and learned how to speak by watching people talk. My hearing was fixed when I was 4 years old but by then my brain had been wired to be a visual learner. When I was in college I had to write down everything the professor said because I had to actually see the words. When I read a book I take notes on parts that I want to remember. You might try this approach and see it it works for you. I was a okay student in high school but once I figured out how I learned I made straight A's in college. Denice
  11. If you buy a test kiln make sure you know the interior dimensions. I have a test kiln that will hold 6 inch square shelves, I bought it for test tiles. It cools so fast I have never been able to do a slow cool with it. I have larger manual kilns that I do slow cools with so I am familiar with the technique. When you buy one get the largest interior space you can find. Denice
  12. Denice

    Super New and waiting for a kiln

    After seeing some of your ceramic beads you might consider working with some paper clay. It is considerably lighter and if you start experimenting in your new kiln you should put a tray made of clay under it to catch any run off from the pieces. I had a friend in college that accidently put some low fire work in a Cone 10 firing, they melted all over other students work and ruined several kiln shelves. When you are going to school volunteer to help load the kilns and fire them. Denice
  13. Denice

    If one of your students....

    When I was in college I had a declining fragile woman in several of my art classes. She was kind of snippy with me now and then but not to much trouble. On the final day in printing making class she shows up with sticks and ribbons as frames on her prints. Instructors want you to frame it according to their instructions. The teacher told her none of them met the requirement and then pointed out my work as a good example. At our break the fragile woman grabs me by the neck and slams me against the locker, with her hands around my throat she starts banging my head. She is ranting about the teachers liking my work and not hers, what was so special about me. I could have easily fought back but I was 40 years younger than her and I didn't want to hurt her. A group of students pulled her off of me and security took her away never to seen again. I went to college for two years and had to quit, fifteen years later I returned to finish and found out I was part of a campus legend. I was back in the same class room for another printmaking class when a young girl told me about a story she heard about a woman strangling a student in this room. Considering the number of years the story wasn't to far off. Denice
  14. I have the same kiln and replace the elements when I get into the 10 to 12 hour zone. I hand build so I fire slower than most people who throw. Denice

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