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  1. If I have a large crack in a piece like that I would make a new one using that one as a model, it usually comes out much better the second time around. I would also do some clay bracing inside of it especially on the lower half. You are asking that clay to support a lot of weight from the top half. Denice
  2. My love of clay started when I was 12, I had a art teacher that thought I was artistic and was a big supporter. One day she gave every one a ball of clay and told us to make anything we wanted. Everyone else smashed out awful ashtrays, my folks didn't believe in smoking. I had been reading a book on Egypt and decided to make a Egyptian cat pendant for a necklace. When I touched the clay I fell in love with it and the pendant was so beautiful I knew clay was magic and I could make anything I wanted with it. A few years later I was in high school where I could take a pottery class. Great teacher, I did a lot of hand building over the next three years. Never got to throw on the wheel, we only had one wheel and the teacher would pick a boy to teach throwing to. He didn't consider girls strong enough to throw. I have tried many many different types of art but I always go back to clay. Denice
  3. Denice

    Min I don't think I took any photos of the dishes,  I was working at my store 70 to 90 hours a week and made the dishes when I had a moment to spare.  My friend wanted a entire formal place setting so her daughter didn't have to eat off of plastic dishes at family dinners and holidays.   I made the entire formal place setting including cups and saucers,  they were mostly for looks.    I believe I made the soup bowl with no rest on it.  I can tell you that I had a lot more curve inward at the top edge and it curved further around.   The had rest was added to the lowest side of the curve.   A half round shape,  my friend wanted it so her daughter couldn't flip the dish when she laid her arm down.    She couldn't gently lower her arm.   Can the lady you are making it for try it out?   Denice

    1. Min


      Hi Denice, thanks for the info. I don't think I'll need to put a rest on it but what you did sounds interesting. :) I'll know tomorrow if my plate works. 

  4. Min that is similar to dishes I made for a friend of mine's daughter who had partial use of one arm. My plate curved around more and eased into a rest for her hand, the family had asked for the built in rest. I sold sets for several years to other families in the same situation, I basically just covered cost. My plate was based on a antique child's dish from England. Denice
  5. It sounds like the time I was starting to pack a dozen gourd shape vases with long thin necks to take to a gallery. I had just started wrapping one when a big gust of wind and pressure pushed through my studio. It sent my vases crashing into each other and on to the concrete floor. I wasn't aware that my husband was replacing the seals on the back door, he gave the door one big slam to see how the seals were working. I only had one vase that remained intact. I decide that this particular shape of vase wasn't good for gallery sales. Denice
  6. Denice

    Paul Soldner Workshop

    I attended a Paul Soldner workshop also may years ago, I remember him throwing a large platter and then throwing it on the floor. He took a couple of swipes on it with colored slip and called it finished. It was very hot and he had very little on leaving little to the imagination, some people were offended. I had met him before at a NECCA and knew his reputation so he lived up to my expectations. Denice
  7. Glazing a large coiled bowl with a intricate ancient Indian designs, I will probably finish it today. Denice
  8. Denice

    removing e6000?

    Liam I was a dental lab technician for 10 years, I never worked with dentures mostly bridge and crown work. I also made full mouth implant frames in the early seventies for a dentist that was developing a new type of denture. Denice
  9. Denice

    Advice on buying a used kiln

    I was looking a a Skutt Km 1018 last summer I didn't realize that it was that much shorter than the KS1027. I decided to keep my 1027 and rewire it and put a elevated floor in it, getting to old to reach the bottom. I love the way it fires now and I don't have to worry about a cool bottom section anymore. I fire in the Cone 5/6 range and always buy a Cone 10 kiln. Denice
  10. Denice

    Advice on buying a used kiln

    It seems a little pricey to me, I looked at a new Skutt the same size for around $1400 last summer. It cost a couple of hundred dollars more if it was computerized. Denice
  11. What cone are you firing at, this looks like Majolica glaze to me that has been fired to C04. I made Majolica tiles for three years with a a lot of fine line work. Denice
  12. Adelaide Robineau, Gertrud Natzer and Edith Heath. Denice
  13. Nothing on my work table still reworking my chemical storage. Bought a swivel bar stool on the Black Friday sale at Menards for $29.00 today. It looks a lot like the expensive throwing potter's stool I have seen on-line. It is a little bit too tall so I will shorten the legs and cut them so it will tilt forward. I am also going to add some padding to the seat so I can work longer at the wheel. It has good bones, I think it will be great after I do a few modifications, I have been using a old wooden stool that I cut the legs off. Denice
  14. My shop is attached to my house so I get some heat from the house furnace it is just enough to keep it from freezing. I have been using a oil fill radiator for years. I turn it on early in the morning and it is usually warm enough to work in by the time a get out there. Denice
  15. Denice


    I still don't know why you would think the kiln would explode. It is probably the timer set up you are hearing, are you doing a bisque firing. I recently rewired my big Skutt, it was taking 12 hours to get to C01. My husband got a meter and checked them and they were worn out to the point they wouldn't even fire to C04, they looked just fine. You can find on-line how to adjust your kiln sitter. Denice

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