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  1. Denice


    I have mixed vermiculite in dark clay and it will give you larger white specks. I have never glaze it so I don't know how it will react. You just need to test, test and research to get the look you want. Denice
  2. Denice

    Looking for a mold

    You might try a forum that deals more with purchased slip molds. Evans ceramic supply store in Wichita Kansas that has been selling molds for nearly 50 years. You could try contacting them and see if they recognize it. It is illegal to make a mold off of a pour piece like that, the company who made it owns the rights to it. Denice
  3. Denice

    Well, There's Your Problem!

    We had a army base that is a couple of hundreds miles from us shut down the ceramics program on the base because there wasn't enough interest a couple of years ago. I e-mailed back and forth with a potter that got one of the nearly new large computerized Skutt's for a $200. They had several more, they asked him as he was leaving if he wanted another at the same price. He would have taken another one but he had a small truck. They auctioned off the whole studio. Here it is two years later and they are talking about putting in pottery studios at the bases because it helps with post traumatic stress. I guess it is only tax payers money. I couldn't figure out why the kiln I bought wasn't repaired The owner had three other kilns that were used for firing doll heads, they were pretty beat up. Denice
  4. I use to do life size portraits from the waist up, it takes some practice but hollowing out is the key. I tried to keep a consistent thickness on the walls of the clay, some areas like the nose I would take a needle tool and poke some holes to help it dry evenly. If you poke through you can easily smooth it over. If you decide to go into larger sculptures I can give you a list of books that might help. Denice
  5. Denice

    Well, There's Your Problem!

    The kiln I bought at a estate sale recently also had a destroyed bottom. It had the area about the size of a dinner plate eaten into the bricks and then some foamy stuff like spray insulation piled into it . I have never seen anything like it, it also had a extra bottom. I threw the destroyed one away, I believe it was over fired. It looked like a cone was jammed into the ceramic tube of the kiln sitter and it melted all over. My husband had to replace the tube in the kiln sitter, he has gotten pretty good at working on them in the last 40 years. It still had a receipt with it, she paid $168 for it new in 1969 from a local ceramic shop that closed a couple of years ago when the owner died. I have fired it once, it still has the new kiln smell. Denice
  6. You need to post your firing schedule so someone can help you? Denice
  7. I usually do a quick cleaning once a week and if I change colors of clay I do a thorough cleaning. I also do a thorough cleaning before I glaze. I need to clean right now but I had a frozen bottle fall out of the freezer and smash a toe Monday. Maybe today, tomorrow or the next day. . . . Denice
  8. One thing I have learned over the many years I have been working in clay is that people will see something in your work you don't. I usually keep a small stack of pots in my shop I consider failures. There is nothing wrong with them I just don't like them. When we have company from out of town I will give them a studio tour. I offer them one of the rejects to take home, they almost always take the one I was about to throw in the trash. I had one lady look at them until she found one with a glaze imperfection, she said she could get perfect ones from the store. Have a great sale. Denice
  9. I think you need to do a test a batch and see how well you like working with paper clay with that much detail in a sculpture. If you wedge wet cellulose into your clay you will end up with a lumpy mess. Denice
  10. I have mixed, wedged, handbuilt and thrown C6 clays with the same shrinkage rate and have never had any problems. Denice
  11. I haven't worked with paper clay for a while but I can give my opinion of it. The first batch I made was with some rag paper scraps that I had left over from college. It worked fine but was a pain to make, the next batch I made I used a roll of toilet paper much easier. A few years later I needed to make something with paper clay, Laguna was making paper clay by then so I tried it. I liked working with it even better than the paper clay with toilet paper and it didn't spoil as fast as the ones I made. I was only making a 5 gal bucket at a time because of the spoilage factor, how much are you planning on making? Denice
  12. Denice

    Where do you put freshly thrown pieces?

    I thought a shelving unit running between the two row of wheels would give you more room behind the wheels. My shelving unit is 14 inches deep, I have long term storage on the top and bottom and open shelves in the middle. I put two 4" plastic shelves put together so the shelves are also adjustable. You could use a 12" if you kept the height lower, the higher you go the wider the shelves need to be to keep it from being wobbly. I used these shelves for 13 years in my last studio and 11 years in this one. I learned three different architectural programs to design my own house and studio, Better Homes and Garden had the easiest program if you decide to go that route. Denice
  13. Denice

    Where do you put freshly thrown pieces?

    Can the long narrow table be replaced, do you use it? I put a shelf unit next to my wheel to put freshly thrown pieces on. Some of them are deep and student from each side of the unit can put work on it. It is also far enough in that they will probably have to stand up to reach it. Denice
  14. Why don't you make a replica piece out of clay and that way you don't have to fight with the plastic form. Was your plaster mold totally dry? If it wasn't you may have to wait awhile. If it is humid and my mold is drying slowly I will put it in a 175 degree oven any hotter will damage the plaster. I don't know what temperature your plastic platter will withstand. Denice
  15. You gave me a great idea! I have a metal cookie press set that has heavy duty components, I think I can convert it to be used with with the power extruder. If I have trouble with it I will just show it to my husband. He loves to figure things like that out, he is disappointed when I do a project like this without his help. Denice

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