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  1. Student Wheel?

    Thanks Ben, Neil and TJR, I have ended up finding both a Brent CXC and a Pacifica 400 for sale used about half the price for them new and they are both located right near each other about 2.5 hours from my house. The hubby and I are going to be making the trip east during the long weekend here and likely coming home with 2 more wheels! That would be great. I have space for about 5-6 in my studio but I was hoping to have at least 4 so I am excited at the prospect of having them set and ready to go. I learned on a Brent C and it was my favourite at the guild for a long time.
  2. Student Wheel?

    I am thinking about buying another wheel or two and taking on some students in my studio. I already have two wheels and have started with two students for now but I would like to eventually have 4-6 students at a time. I used to teach beginner classes of 10 students at the community guild I was part of prior to my move but there really isn't the opportunity for that around here. I am wondering if there are any suggestions on what kind of wheel to look into getting. I have been looking for second hand and haven't found any yet. Should I just keep an eye out for second hand wheels or is it worth investing in new? If I go with new what kind of wheels would you recommend for students? I have two shimpo wheels a VL Whisper and an older model like the RK.
  3. I have LOVED Meira Mathison's work for some time and would adore the opportunity to see her work! If I lived on the other side of the country I would have definitely tried to get in on one of her workshops by now!
  4. Electric Kiln Design: 'bucket' Or 'box' Preference?

    I can imagine a front loader would be better for different situations for sure! I have to have my partner load the top loading kiln as I am currently 7 months pregnant... luckily I have a very understanding man who loaded for me but I can imagine depending on certain physical constraints how it would be worth the extra costs of the front loading kiln
  5. What Do You Do With Your Pottery 'seconds'?

    Aw, heck. I just use them myself. I can never have enough bowls and plates in my house, because I hate doing dishes. LOL as long as they are structurally sound I do the same! We have 4 children (and one on the way) in our house so things are constantly being broken or overly used. If it something we can't use then it is garbage.
  6. Starting Out.... Again

    Thanks for the feed back ladies
  7. Starting Out.... Again

    Let's try this picture again!
  8. Hi All, I am going to try to tap the wealth of knowledge here for another pricing question. So I previously sold my pottery on a very small scale as I am a hobby potter but after my marriage broke up and I moved into a new house it has been about 2.5 years since I have had my own studio. So I potted where and when I could (took courses and workshops and occasionally threw on my wheel for fun but couldn't fire those pots). Anyhow finally just got my studio set back up because I used my annual bonus from my fulltime job to get the electrical service increased at my house! (Yay) Now I am faced with starting over on finding venues to sell my work and since I will be doing it very part time to start with I don't know if I want to do the co-op gallery type space I did before, plus I need to remix some more glazes and work on getting some sort of a production line going again since what I have made so far has been just what I wanted to do! So the question when starting out is do I price my work for the friends and people I know that are already asking me to buy stuff at what I want to make or what I will eventually have to charge if and when I get into somewhere retail? For example I make these little mini bakers which are shown on the far right of the picture below (sorry its a bad picture but was just sharing some firing results with family and friends and I am not at home to take another picture). I want to make minimum $10 a piece off of selling them however I know when I get my production going better they have sold for $18 each when I was selling before. I don't know if I should be charging full price when I am getting my feet wet again or price to friends what I want to make. I don't want to start by charging too little and then people being upset when I raise my prices. Right now I am just talking about friends and acquaintances who have contacted me now they know I am getting my studio set back up. Also do you have friends and family pricing events like studio open houses?? I don't know if I will be ready to get in to anything by the fall but I would like to host a bit of an open house/sale in November for friends, family and friends of friends. I found that last time I was selling my friends and family were my biggest supporters to get me going so I want to give back to them
  9. I am by no means an expert on this but I have done a bit of glass slumping years ago with someone else and it was in a kiln that was normally used for pottery. It was fired much lower and then at a temperature when the glass was melted I remember we had to shock it by holding open the kiln to allow it to cool ( I think that's how I remember it but I was just following instruction and it was a while ago) the only other thing I would comment on is if you are going to be doing glass beads etc and pottery pieces the scale/size of your kiln would need to be different. It would take forever to make enough glass bead to do in my medium sized electric kiln and also you wouldn't want one of those tiny little glass kilns for pottery as you might fit one large piece!
  10. Sieving Glazes - What Size Mesh

    I haven't used one of those sprayers but I have always used a 80 mesh sieve without any problems