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    Thanks Mark for the quick reply, MARK, This puger is also a monster. It is a horizontal model, I had contacted alpine up in n.y and they don't have any info on it, I was told it was built to far back. Just wanted to find out how much clay it can process an hour. This puger was to good of a deal to pass up. Getting ready to run some earthen clay from my prop. through it to make my roofing tiles. By the way I was in your neck of the woods not to long ago( beautiful) I live in grass valley ca. I 'll try and post some pictures of it latter on this evening. Thanks once again puger (luis)
  2. Hello,new to the forum I just acquired a early model a.d. alpine pugmill model d 3 h.p I am looking for any info on the pugmill, any info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance puger