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  1. Thanks for all the replies, was thinking there might be an anti rust product, Ann but might rub off into the clay when using pugmill. Sand blasting sounds good idea, though pretty messy! But probably good tool to have for future spots appearing.. The rough clay through the mill could work too: I use a mix of krank for saggars, I might be at it for a long time though! Have removed the grate now, which was causing most problems, but still rust around the nut screw in centre..
  2. Can rust in old pug mill be cured? Is there a product that can be used to cover rust spots?
  3. Bciskepottery- thats exactly what I'm looking for Thank you for taking the time- you're a star the last recipe one sounds ideal- the glaze will be on white earthenware clay with underglaze velvets painted on..... Thanks again ps. I will some day get my own copy of the book
  4. Thanks Oldlady! thats the one 1980- an excellent and very handy book to have, even as a starting point for a certain glaze. I know there can be huge differences in materials between Usa and Europe and there are similar type materials I don't usually glaze at all in my own work, so am very out of date with the equivalents! Thanks again
  5. Hi Sputty, thanks for your reply The glaze is going over velvets but its bowls that children will be painting themselves so not really into using lead If was sculptural, decorative etc, wouldn't mind but not for functional bowls Is indeed a simple glaze recipe!
  6. Hi if anyone happens to have Emmanuel Cooper's glaze recipe book on a shelf in their studio- trying to look up recipes online but just will not go my way... Just looking for a reliable transparent earthenware ( 1050' celcius) glaze, the glossy the better If anyone happens to have a few minutes to spare! with thanks Sinéad
  7. Thanks a lot for all of your replies. I'm using grogged white stoneware clay for hand building, but wanted to experiment with a less grogged slip brushed on. Hoping for a smoother surface, though not as fine as burnishing would need... Have sieved out the grog from the clay totally ( for a batch of slip) and about to add a finer molochite to the slip. So was hoping to get advice about ratios of molochite to a batch of powdered clay. Thanks a lot, any suggestions appreciated
  8. Hi could anyone give me idea of ratios for molochite to clay? For A slip over dry clay? Thanks A lot
  9. Thanks a lot for that Bny- I can't see anything like that but maybe is inside that black box. I'm going to try find someone local whose good with electronics to have a look- High Bridge Pottery- I did tell Gladstone about the surge etc- ( the E 03 on the display means this) but they have said they would need to see it ( a bit reluctantly, I'll admit) Thanks for all your advice- I'll try the electonic guy first and see how it goes!
  10. Thanks Mark- think definitely will get a surge protector now- Had no idea the surges were so common here especially around cow milking time- rural life!
  11. Hi -thanks for all the replies Just to say that before Christmas there was severe a lightning & thunder storm which seemingly got into the electricity supply in the whole area creating spikes in the power supply current Anything with complex circuitry in the nearby town was blown (according to the electrician) All smoke alarms that are connected into power supply were fried.... Didn't realise all this at the time- as the wheel was still going but then stopping after 4 turns....showing E 03 first of all which says 'overload on current' but then eventually stuck on E 10. Have attached a closer photo of the black box beside the controller... Afraid Gladstone have just said they'll need to look at it to be able to diagnose which is fair enough... Was hoping it might of been something that I could manage myself but maybe the whole circuitry board may need to be replaced, as you suggested Ah well! The wheel owes me nothing as I bought it 2nd/ 3rd hand for not much and has worked perfectly until 2014!