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    Ceramics, sculpture, reading and ancient Egypt.
  1. DSCF2317.jpg

    I really love these pieces, and especially the glaze effects. I have been trying to get these kind of effects and never seem to get it right. I'd love to know how you do it, what you use for a glaze and especially how you get the effects. Temperature, what you use for reduction, and especially the post firing reduction technique. Steve Email me please.
  2. I told you they got big!

    Low fire paper clay, glaze and acrylics.
  3. Low Fire Soda Glazing

    Thanks for the tips, I guess the best thing is just to give it a try. It's the journey, not the destination.
  4. Has anyone done any work with low fire soda glazing? I do the majority of my work in the cone 06 range and would like to try soda glazing in my ceramic fiber Raku kiln. Has anyone tried doing this and how successful was it? What is the lowest temperature any one has achieved a successful soda firing? Has anyone done it with paper clay?
  5. spring 2010

    new work
  6. 2.JPG

    I find this rather disterbing, but in a great way. It isn't something you can just pass by without thinking about.
  7. Over Fired Bisque For Raku?

    I have refired a number of pieces that were made with raku clay. The trouble usually comes in the 650 to 900 degree F. range. you might give some thought to salt fuming or pit firing. Please let us know how it turns out.
  8. recent work

    new handbuilt and thrown low fire and Raku work.