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  1. Great, thanks for your input, everyone. I don't want to risk losing a load so will pre-fire -- and they already have a layer of wash. Many thanks, again!
  2. Hello, I vaguely remember reading that new shelves should be fired alone before firing with wares to ensure they are in good shape, but it was a while back and I could be totally off. I think it was because if the shelve are defective it would ruin a load of wares. I understand the thinking around pre-firing kiln wash, but is firing the shelves necessary or overkill? Thank you. Julia Paul
  3. kiln shelves

    Thank you for the responses. I am firing in an electric to cone 6. I am not doing production, so I have some flexibility, but I also do not want to have to be fussy and adjust the loading because I have different shelves. Julia
  4. I need to buy some new kiln shelves and I am considering lighter shelving. I do not need a whole new set just some additions, but I am concerned that firing with two different kinds of shelves will cause uneven heating because of different heat absorption. Is there any good reason to stick to the same shelving I already have or can I mix it up? Thanks! Julia
  5. With further reading, I see that carbonaceous materials burn out between 500°F–1450°, which leads me to believe that if the pieces are hard enough, the impurities should be burned out and the clay should be ok for glazing. Julia Paul juliapaul.com
  6. The power outage was widespread. Maybe re-fire on faster schedule since it is basically already cooked. Julia Paul juliapaul.com
  7. So, yesterday afternoon the power went out while the kiln was bisque firing. I saw the temp when it was over 1600, on the way to ^06. I see today the ^07 has not moved, but I think it probably stopped at about ^08, so I think I can adjust to that. My question is about the clay gases releasing, because the vent stopped when the kiln stopped. The kiln was closed and unvented until early this morning when I was able to restart the vent. Do you think there is a problem with the clay not being vented on the decline temps. Any thoughts? Thank you! Julia Paul juliapaul.com