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  1. I live in Mississippi, very humid!! I have had my electric kiln outside since I bought it about 4 years ago. My husband made a rolling cover out of hardy board. The cover has a top and 3 sides with handles to help me roll it. The kiln sits on the East side of the house at least a foot away from the brick exterior of the house. The kiln is on the leg base and the area where it is sitting is brick pavers. He used large casters on the bottom so when I am ready to use the kiln, I am able to roll it away and the cover is large enough to cover the kiln even when it is firing. The only problem I cannot load/unload when it is raining! However, I have been able to work around the weather. He used anchor bolts in the brick exterior in order to anchor the cover to the house to keep the wind from possibly catching it and blowing it around. The kiln is beginning to show a little rust in places, particularly on the handle, but that will be easy enough to replace. I am just a hobby potter and have only about 100 fires on the kiln but so far everything has worked great.

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