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  1. Stilts For Platters And Plates

    I make platters (generally rectangular) too and have found that buying extra shelves and short 3" "legs", I have good success with my firings. Alternatively, I've place two platters side by side on the shelf and support a third above them with the stilt resting on risers. (2" deep rectangles of clay previously fired). This requires longer "legs" but allows for three platters per shelf. Genelle
  2. Keraflex Procelain Sheets

    Yes, unless a person can come up with something that takes advantage of the product it is certainly a "why bother". Personally, so far I've drawn a blank (no pun intended). Genelle
  3. Keraflex Procelain Sheets

    Let me know what you decide to do with them and how it turns out. I think they are cool but can't quite think of anything to do with them that would be unique and take advantage of the product. Genelle
  4. I have been looking at an advertizement for "Keraflex" porcelain sheets. This is a new product that be cut with scissors or, when dampened, can be folded into a variety of shapes. Has anyone used this? How did you use it? Were you happy with the results? Genelle