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    Got it. I agree that GB glazes are spongy and hard to measure for specific gravity. But I like mine too much, no plans to give it up or find an alternative.
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    If you will, eventually, have a kiln, there's nothing to stop you making stuff now from real clay. Except maybe storage?
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    Another detail about our NHIA program from the ceramics website page........ "What else you need to know We are the ONLY college in America offering BFA degrees that require all students to complete three semesters of professional practices, business marketing, and entrepreneurship studies for the arts. Our partnership with UNH Manchester expands course offerings by double, without adding expense or time to complete your degree We require nine credits of a professional practicum (paid or unpaid internships) in all disciplines Every freshman gets a fully loaded Macbook laptop for no additional expense" Also see here: http://www.nhia.edu/~/media/files/undergrad/curricula/nhia_ceramics-curriculum.pdf?la=en&hash=9954BE7AB949CA05A81899B0070FC950B9FDD7C0 best, ...................john <Red highlighting is mine>
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    From the album Random Stuff

    I didn't realize how useful the grid could be for testing a pallete of glazes with other brushes marks and things over and under, as well as testing really thick and thin next to each other. I sat down and made a grid on paper and then went through each glaze I had that I thought would go well together and tested a lot of new ideas I had with some old reliable glazes. I love every tile! For a closer look go to the larger picture : http://community.cer...233_1196909.jpg