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  • Darcy1
    I totally squee"d over that handle!! Awesome!
  • IMG 20141224 193728
    IMG 20141224 193728
    Ooooh! Love the twisty handle! Is that cat nose? :3
  • finished wave teapot
    finished wave teapot
    Holy moly...this is amazing. AMAZING. ♥ It reminds me a lot of Zelda: The Wind Waker"s aesthetic--the whole game is centered around water, so this fits right in. Geez, it must have taken forever to...
  • Test tiles front
    Test tiles front
    Thanks for sharing the milk-and-cream technique, especially the written details about the process on the tiles. Very beautiful and very inspiring!
  • Bowls with chopsticks
    Bowls with chopsticks
    how clever!

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