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  • Yunomi
  • Yunomi
    This one is so killer!! You're getting some fantastic results at cone 6 that I very rarely see.
  • Ripply Wobble Vase
    Ripply Wobble Vase
    The clay wanted to be something else. Happens to me too. Ya just got to go with it or pug it. lol.It came out nice. Should be interesting to see how you finish it.
  • Cats Drinking Porcelain
    Cats Drinking Porcelain
    Love the fine  artwork you put into this. Well done.
  • groggy recipe
    groggy recipe
    Hi Babs!yes I will post some more when I have a finished piece! Its all research tests and experiments for school at the moment!I'm well, I hope you're good xAnna

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