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  • butterfly Mug
    butterfly Mug
    HNNNNNGHHHHH I LOVE THIS. Your work is so rad! This mug is soooo beautiful--I wouldn"t be able to part with it! ^_^
  • branch vase
    branch vase
    That is one sweeeeet pot.
  • Three Hares
    Three Hares
    Heehee! This piece took me almost a week to underglaze, and was my finest achievement for a long time. I was seething mad when I found out it arrived broken! Gaaah... But, thank you! ^_^ I really m...
  • Cone 9 Celedon Glaze
    Cone 9 Celedon Glaze
    Wow, this is one beautiful pot Marcia! But then, all your pots are extraordinary.... Hugs!!
  • 9
    I wonder: is this an installation in your garden? Is there a reason why they are under this shelter? I like it!

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