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  • Gretta
    Aww, you guys are so nice! ^_^ I have a buncha other rabbit (and other animal) pieces to share, but I lost my freaking camera in the recent move! *cries*
  • Stencil Edge flowers
    Stencil Edge flowers
    WOW, this is so delicate! I`d be afraid to sneeze around such a teeny-detailed piece. My clumsy guinea butt would break it in five minutes... beautiful work! ^_^
  • Gretta
    love dem bunnies.  these really sing!!   rakuku
  • Gretta
    It's like a trip down Watership Down memory lane. Beautiful images!
  • slug taxi
    slug taxi
    Thank you Guinea.  I love making this stuff.  This is part of my show for june at our coop gallery. I am especially proud that this made it through the cone 10 firing with NO CRACKS. Lo...

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