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  • Plaster Moulds   Release Agents
    Plaster Moulds Release Agents
    Useful info..TY
  • IMG 3039
    IMG 3039
    This is way past shivering and approaching complete bond failure. I would expect to see the remaining glaze to fall off over a short period. At this point I am assuming that you have a low fire gla...
  • IMG 3041
    IMG 3041
    3 things. You can see barren white patches, and areas where the glazed is pooled: which indicates it is over-fired.The coarse texture of the clay indicates that the clay is under-fired: immature. T...
  • IMG 3037
    IMG 3037
    The concentric crack on the bottom piece is aligned where this piece made contact with the kiln shelf. The exposed area of this piece cooled at a different rate than where it made contact with a sh...
  • IMG 20170306 172048
    IMG 20170306 172048
    I like the dark water jar and then either bowl. The dark jar is a copy of an se Indian jar from about 1625 thru 1710 a.d.

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