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  • 50ml Jug
    50ml Jug
    Yes, something less flared at the top, perhaps just a small rolled rim.
  • 50ml Jug
    50ml Jug
    Glazes look lovely. I think with the spout you have a couple things going on there, it could be a bit smaller as Nerd said but I also think it is angling down too much also. I would try pressing th...
  • Green geometric cup
    Green geometric cup
    I have been coming back to this cup for the last three days. I have kept going back and forth trying to decide if the banding fits the over-all look of the piece. After three days of weighing it ov...
  • Big circles vase (1)
    Big circles vase (1)
    Great stuff, love all the decoration. Must be hours and hours of work
  • 50ml Jug
    50ml Jug
    I like where the brown turns dark black. 

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