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  • Sconce Night view
    Sconce Night view
    Thanks for asking Babs. I keep the backing on a plaster board overnight befor I cut the width and length. Then I cut the holes on the back. I flip it and by then the front will be leather hard and...
  • F2 "The Eater" Tornado Planter
    F2 "The Eater" Tornado Planter
    luv luv luv this. so much motion in what is actually a solid rigid object.  rakuku
  • Sconce Night view
    Sconce Night view
    These are great! Once fired?, or holes drilled after bisque? Back supported during firing, or did you fire them standing on end, are they strutted inside as they show no form of warping! Great stuff.
  • 3mugs
    Love your mugs!
  • Bird Plate with Cobalt
    Bird Plate with Cobalt
    michael cardew originated this bird.  i went to Seth's in 2002 and saw it everywhere.  was lucky enough to buy his sample at a workshop here.  had to have it glaze fired and it came...

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