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  • M&Ds rear
    M&Ds rear
    Should have said, both are "to scale" and reasonably accurate, my house is missing it's porch and conservatory.
  • M&Ds rear
    M&Ds rear
    Hi Giselle, my house was made (in November 2003) during my very first term at pottery evening classes.  The roof lifts off.  M&Ds house was made 10 years ago for their 50th anniversar...
  • M&Ds rear
    M&Ds rear
    I really like your houses! I want to try making some cottage boxes with lift-off roofs. 
  • Cloud Blue mug
    Cloud Blue mug
    I could definitely love my coffee in this mug! Nicely done!!
  • Small sauce bowl
    Small sauce bowl
    Thanks, Judy.  I think that was my favorite piece from the last firing.  I used three different glazes on it.  I like to experiment with little pieces and then expand what I've learn...

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