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  • slab roller and glazing table
    slab roller and glazing table
    This is impressive, Lee!-Paul
  • Garden art
    Garden art
    Sad this one got toasted: was looking forward to seeing it.
  • IMG 20160131 144153
    IMG 20160131 144153
    Hey Old Lady,This jar is an example of vessels I make. I had access to the archaeology lab and spent 100s of volunteer hours cleaning and sorting sherds from field school, all the while examining...
  • imageclose up
    imageclose up
    Glaze nerd, I loaded the kiln with a shelf high up blocking the natural flow and over compensated with the reduction trying to even out the firing, instead it had the opposite effect. Also having d...
  • imageclose up
    imageclose up
    Two firings, very slow bisque to cone 06, care at 212, 500 and slow transition at quartz conversion.

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