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  • temmoku Cup 2 (1)
    temmoku Cup 2 (1)
    TenmokuDROOOOOOOL ♥
  • Gecko Mug
    Gecko Mug
    I have done something like that before as a gift for a fling dude I had a few years ago, haha...He liked...uh ...ruby boas? I think that is what they were called. I think the snake was just coiled...
  • Gretta
    Thank you, hehe. This is actually a horrible photo! I took it with a crap cell phone, lmao... :D
  • Gecko Mug
    Gecko Mug
    Geckos are cool .. I like this work.. you ever  try a Boa Constrictor wrapped around a mug? I used to raise/breed them..
  • Smooshed foot and lettering
    Smooshed foot and lettering
    Wow...those feet look really interesting!

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