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  • IMG 0002
    IMG 0002
    I stuck the Colemanite in a bisque firing to 915 C, which should be around cone 09. Theoretically, Colemanite has an LOI of 21.9%, but I've seen an analysis of 23.7%. I don't have the exact % weigh...
  • IMG 0002
    IMG 0002
    Pieter:When I have chemically etched materials they separate out into carbons, solids, and metals. I would agree soluble salts are clinging to the sides: but by chance are those carbons floating? I...
  • IMG 0002
    IMG 0002
    This is just calcined Colemanite in some water in a polystyrene cup. See my post in this thread for more context:http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/15955-colemanite/ I think the light...
  • TLH SYOM 33 NO4
    TLH SYOM 33 NO4
    I just added a pic with the stamp, which I had forgotten to do. The color of the piece is accurate in this view-looks too pinklish in the other pic.
  • Micro crystals
    Micro crystals
    Mark:I agree. What amazes me even more is that when you zoom in, all the color disappears. No matter what color the glaze is, under high magnification most, if not all goes away. Says something abo...

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