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  • Sconce Night view
    Sconce Night view
    Nice work, The installation is really effective.Going commercial with them  ie selling them, you must have people admiring them as they visit you.
  • 003 Red Bud Teapot
    003 Red Bud Teapot
    Thanks, Marko. I just opened an etsy shop and have had a lot of likes but no sales yet. I sell at a few select local art fairs and in a few local galleries. 
  • 013 Garden Fiesta Casserole
    013 Garden Fiesta Casserole
    Thanks, Marko. No, I don't even own an airbrush.  The underglazes are applied with a 1" sop brush on my wheel. I blend as I go.
  • 039  Sunburst Garden Platter
    039 Sunburst Garden Platter
    Thanks, Marko.  These are all bisqued at ^07 with underglazes on and glaze fired to ^6 oxidation. Yes all the designs are freehand, although I block it out into 8ths to get started. The colore...
  • Test Yunomi Foot Work
    Test Yunomi Foot Work
    Thanks! I have came a long way on glazing my footwork. Before it was pretty bad and uneven. I am getting it down slowly.

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