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  • IMG 20150330 151109
    IMG 20150330 151109
    I love the spiral pattern and the colors, it does look round even I'm glad you told me it is oval. Denice
  • Obvara6 3:15copy
    Obvara6 3:15copy
    love this stuff.  do you think the technique would work well with hand built stuff?  rakuku
  • Mugs
    I like the shape of those and the green glaze!
  • Obvara6 3:15copy
    Obvara6 3:15copy
    This pot caught my eye rite off.. I love it.. Is the 5th pot Terra Sig. ? really neat looking.. Good work, ... Obvara just amazes me..
  • wood2014 033
    wood2014 033
    The handle is a piece of driftwood.

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