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  • Mug with green slip and blue ash
    Mug with green slip and blue ash
    I admire the way your handles emerge from the curve of the belly...it makes me feel like the handle is truly a part of the form and not just an attachment.Nicely done,-Paul
  • Granite Yunomis
    Granite Yunomis
    Thanks, Babs. Yes, I've always liked to work with slips and glazes, and there was even a time long ago when I used stoneware clay dug directly from the ground.  The narrative pieces...
  • Granite Yunomis
    Granite Yunomis
    you are obtaining some really beautiful effects, you have formulated your glazes and slips? Resisting before dipping in slips?? Just lovely, makes me wonder why we bother with handles which can rea...
  • Ferric Chloride 7
    Ferric Chloride 7
    You are too kind!!!!
  • Ferric Chloride 4
    Ferric Chloride 4
    Why thank you so much Guinea! You're a peach.

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