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  • Sm pasta bowl
    Sm pasta bowl
    Must work technique. Too much overspray. You can see where I started the spray gun while it was pointing towards the rim.
  • carved vase
    carved vase
    This one has the Strontium Crystal Magic Warm then Licorice on the very bottom. With Waterfall Brown all over with Butterscotch over the top half with more Licorice on top. Then Jen's Juicy Fruit I...
  • blue soupmug
    blue soupmug
    Joseph, I LOVE spraying glaze. In the past when it came time to glaze I would get all tensed up and cranky, knowing I was going to screw up the pieces. NOW, I look forward to glaze, control, that i...
  • carved vase
    carved vase
    A quote from the OldLady found in a post - "you should notice the look of the sprayed glaze as it dries.  if it looks a little like chunky  velvet, it is probably perfect.  if y...
  • L vase
    L vase
    The L is for lagniappe - A little something extra. Obviously this is a screw up BUT it looked so good decided to finish the top with the large flat rim. The glaze has the Strontium Crystal Mag...

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