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  • 50ml Jug
    50ml Jug
    The idea is a tiny jug for an individual sauce serving or salad dressing. I don't think the rim is right though. Any thoughts how to improve?
  • Aircraft event
    Aircraft event
    When first on my Island, the litle plane would buzz the sheep and Kangaroos off the paddock and land.No signs, few old tyres to mark the "runway'
  • Experiment with glazes running and interacting
    Experiment with glazes running and interacting
    And thankfully not too much movement ;-).  The main runs are from the yellowish Sandstone that is white when really thick. I use it as a base layer and also add a big dollop-ey third coat just...
  • 1/4pt Jug
    1/4pt Jug
    Thanks Nerd, this firing was a great confidence booster (to make up for the last one that was not). This blue/grey and the creamy oatmeal are great. Artistically I'm not sure if the brown band brin...
  • 1/4pt Jug
    1/4pt Jug
    You are zoning in on your "voice.". Am enjoying watching the progression and progress.

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