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  5. EPK is kaolin, so yes! It stands for Edgar Plastic Kaolin and is one of many types. If a recipe calls for Kaolin, any should work, however EPK is most common in the USA so it is what I use.
  6. Can I use EPK as a substitute for kaolin in a clear glaze? It shouldn't change anything... right? I'm just testing a new clear glaze, small 200 (g) batch tomorrow. If you have any ideas/experience with substituting it, let me know!
  7. I only have news that to make it right you need a better clay and glaze fit-firing it again will not make that happen . What clay and what glaze and what temp did you fire it to?With that info someone here can guide you thru this to have a better outcome.
  8. Every time I eat sushi, I think that would be the perfect match for a local potter. There's usually 10 or 12 seats at a counter and maybe another dozen tables, so the volume of product wouldn't be that great. Sushi chefs would appreciate an artistic presentation that was creative and semi original in their cultural context. Whether you could make that sale or not would be the question. I think if I wanted to try, I'd just give them a sample and see if it was accepted.
  9. Here's my cheap stuff. Rice bowls and spoons rests. Take a minute to throw, aren't trimmed and are two dip glazed. Spoon rests 1lb, rice bowls 12 oz These are kiln stuffers. If I have an inch of height left in the kiln it gets spoon rests, if I have 2 inches it gets rice bowls. I'm also working on soap dishes, sponge holders and business card holders as filler as well, they're just not ready
  10. Here's my $10-12 pot. Maybe 6" tall, 2lbs of clay. Single dip of B Shino, quick dump of wood ash while it's wet and a "gesture" of a temoku type glaze from a squeeze bottle. It's got a nice hole in the bottom, perfect for many small succulents.
  11. I know this might sound weird, but try mixing a teaspoon of bentonite with water and running it in your fountain for a few days. It'll be cloudy at first but will probably seal any small craze lines in the glaze that might be letting water through. It's used in ponds and such. Another option without having to refire would be sodium silicate. Same thing, mix a bit with water and run it through the fountain (or just let it sit in the basin) and it will seep into whatever voids are letting water through and plug them up. Else you're looking at epoxies which will cloud over with time since they're under water.
  12. For inexpensive items, size matters. Perceived value comes in to play a little. 2 lbs of clay makes a soup bowl, which for me is definitely in the $30 (+/- $5) range. I make little multi-use dishes, mini cups, Christmas ornaments etc in the $10-15 range. All things I can knock out in a hurry with minimal effort, and are essentially kiln filler. These items I don't wholesale or consign ever: they're just something I have to be able to offer something at that price point while selling in person. Edit: small things like this are always worth having. They defintely have a way of padding your sales.
  13. Here are some sample cards of America Beauty glazes!
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  15. This is my least expensive item, and they are $10 each. Much, much easier to make than a mug. Cut a slab with a template, form it on a mold, add a stamp.
  16. Yes it does. Talc would one of the easiest to identify just by rubbing it between your fingers, if it feels soapy or waxy it will in all likelihood be talc.
  17. The basin for a ceramic fountain I made seeps water from the bottom. When I leave it on a towel, it's damp after a few days. I'm looking for recommendations for how to seal it properly, and for any specific products I could use. Would I have to fire it again?
  18. Gerstley borate is available through Laguna clay and their distributors.
  19. Oh...I think it's possible simply through a process of elimination....eg silica is 396. something g per mol whereas talc is something like 183.. which means that if you compute ratios between the substance, you should be able to get close. ..(just off the top of my head here)...then there is always specific gravity. But I sent them off to Mark. Two of them fizzed with vinegar meaning one is Whiting and the other is talc. I see that we are neighbors....I am in Coeur d'Alene. I am mostly interested in this now because Mark needs my 30 year old talc for one of his recipes.
  20. For me, the all time favorite is Brother Thomas. Every page in the 2 published books of his work that I have make me feel like the village idiot. He had a huge range of glazes that were just masterful. Besides which, his porcelain throwing skills were beyond my comprehension. I don't know how much more art can do for you than that.
  21. I know there's a lot of variables, but since I can ask some real pro potters, what's the bottom line? To define things a little, let's say 2 pounds, no attachments, trim the bottom allowed, at most 2 dip glaze. Maybe a lot of potters don't even make something like that and your mugs are your smallest/cheapest. I've read the other posts, that is mostly 25-35 $. So do you not have a $10 pot then?
  22. How fast you need to bisque depends entirely on your clay. The purpose is to harden the clay so it's less fragile for glazing, and to burn out all the organic materials. White stoneware and porcelain bodies can be bisque fired faster since they generally have less stuff to burn out. Brown clays and terra cotta need longer because they aren't as pure. Bisque firing should take anywhere from 5-6 hours to over 12 hours. Most people bisque in the 8-12 hour range.
  23. My all time favorite-John Baymore. June 16-19 John Baymore (is) “Headed off to South Korea ...in a week for an exhibition, then (the vessel with the neck will go) into a public collection. The container is my single favorite piece of all things made of clay that I have seen to date. John says " It is not done yet. Next it gets overglaze enamels."
  24. Wow Marcia. good to see you posting. The piece is phenomenal! Surface depth and color, contrast and transparency all so subtle and yet defining the orb form so well. best, Pres
  25. I read ages ago and use this method. Fill a 5 gallon or slightly smaller free ice cream buckets with water around a bag of stiff clay in the bag. Open the bag and put 1/4-1/2 cup water and re-seal the bag. let it sit overnight or for a few days. This really works. I also saw a method for softening pugged clay. Dampened tee shirts. Put the stiff pugs inside the tee shirts and lay them into a shallow plastic storage container (like for under the bed) . Put the lid on and wait 3-4 days. very evenly moisturized. Marcia
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