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  2. are these engobes ?

    Here's a link to the glossary: https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/glossary/ Also I have an assortment of Duncan concepts and I've used the Mayco stroke n' coats, I can say the Duncans are extremely reliable and have a satin finish at ^06 and a shiny finish at ^6, that's about all I've fired them to. True colors especially over white clays but pretty predictable and bright over red/dark clays also. Their main drawback I assume is price for those little bottles, fine for jewelry or painting designs but you can't dip pots in them. I tried the mayco for some purely art pieces over raw clay, it did acceptably well but only fired to a velvet finish at ^06. Overall Duncan is more consistent for most uses IMO.
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  4. Thanks for your responses, everybody. I'll work on getting a picture. These mugs were carried briefly, in an open box with newspaper stuffed around them. No bumps that I'm aware of. The handles break when I am holding them with my thumb and fore finger, at various angles, as I paint all the way around the mug (and no glaze on the handle yet). So there is some torque going on, I guess. The one thin vase that broke, I dipped it using my hands, not tongs - all five of my fingers around the rim and my palm above the opening. That broke when the thin part got wet. All pots were dried fairly slowly, under plastic. Does porcelain need to be bisqued at a higher temperature than white stoneware, generally? Also, how slow should the bisque fire be exactly? They mugs were not fired by me, so maybe it was too fast. Thanks for your help! - Anita
  5. NCECA 2018 Pittsburgh

    some pictures from NCECAOur Spring at her lecture, the commercial exhibition, Show at Standard ceramics and Frick Museum
  6. Super New and waiting for a kiln

    Hi Clay Lover and Gabby! When I decided to get into the clay world NEVER imagined how complex, how much of a delicate balance all really has. I guess as all "outsiders" I underestimated this art thinking it was way easier and by sure I have "new eyes" for the value of a humble ceramic bead, how much work, time, learning that simple small object has, so you can imagine my total amazement when digging into the internet world for answers about clay and ceramics I found things like the Breathtaking art of Turo Kurokawa, Anne Goldman, Allan Wallwork... I had not idea suck BEAUTY existed. I came to the forum with a simple question about a kiln and digging, reading, watching, step by step I'm in Awe, no kidding, about how much is behind a vase for example and specially the How that was created. My idea was as boundary-less as a lot of what I do, thinking in merging, mixing, oblivious of this almost parallel world. Somehow, I'm Discovering the clay and from my kindergarten level of knowledge had same level of fantasy and as I'm slowly walking thru I'm like awakening. I spend Hours browsing images I had never seen before. I'm starting to understand how much of science is under all of this and how much I need to learn the very very beginning. I need to Learn the clay, textures, how, maybe the mug would not be a bad idea to learn how to respect it as I respect other materials and needed to learn how they are, what they can do. I spent last 4 days Reading, watching images, passing from a Hum... to a WoW to all the steps of amazement. I'm glad I landed in a place where voices with knowledge and common sense can help me to touch ground a little more and instead of start experimenting the voices tell me to Learn before. And, heck, you all are right... and maybe because of this touching ground a little more I will have to chance to understand the clay and to create beautiful things, that just experimentation would not give me. As Tons of people, I had not idea of how REALLY that a vase one like " happened". We just think that is pretty. Now, I'm Starting to understand that is a LOT of work and balance and sheshhhhhhhhh, indeed, Too Much Info to get it "fast and now" I need to sit and think, review what I would like to do and how and then, i any questions, ask.
  7. working on pieces for Invitational at one gallery, a wood firing in June, and seasonal gallery opening in Nye, Mt.
  8. Liking it! Busy during the week, have taken it for a spin just twice now. It's a bit noisy - not as bad as the recent thread - I'm thinking it will quiet down after some use. The previous owner said he'd logged twenty hours, maybe so (shh, I doubt it). The pedal's great; precise control at slow speeds. As advertised, when a load is applied (centering, etc.), the wheelhead slows - it doesn't compensate the way the Brents at school do; to maintain speed, throttle the pedal, or just let'r drag. I don't mind it (I am just a rank beginner, however). The pan is cast aluminum. I don't mind scooping it out vs. carrying a plastic pan; it cleans up easy. That's the first form off the wheel in the pic. Jack's mad! He prefers extemporaneous shots vs. being posed. Sorry Jack! Although right handed, I'm a clockwiser; to me it makes sense to work on the left side, right hand in. Again, I was impressed by Skutt Support; thanks to Laura. See you inna funny papers.
  9. gas kiln.

    they are fire bricks http://bricknames.com/brick/category/W foil will decompose when fired above 1500 F or so. I tried it. Have a good story about it but not here. Best to either build an arch of castable and insulate with fiber on the outside or use 6" of insulation 8# test which would probably be thick enough to work at high temperature.You could support the span with hardware fabric. Marcia
  10. What Is Ceramics, Is It Art?

    Have you considered if stone carving is an art or functional? Stone carvers build houses , bridges, yet Michelangelo carved David. ceramics is a material that is spark plugs, space shuttle tiles, knives, pottery or sculpture. The final product is what it is. Marcia
  11. NCECA 2018 Pittsburgh

    You did a great job, Spring. I enjoyed your personal journey and all the things you realized you learned from it. Nice to meet you in person. I remember your piece in a show in Portland (?) . lots of leaves. NCECA was great. Hung out with old friends including Pres.. Very mellow. Got to 4 actual events, lots of show, and the ICan reception. Our hotel have breakfast and dinner included which saved a lot of money. Even included a free glass of wine plus $.75 for the 2nd and 3rd. Not bad. Plus lots of space for hanging out and visiting with friends. Many of the hotels don't have that. Really enjoyed it this year. I have missed three NCECAs since 1971. greeley , Co was the smallest with about 500 in 1976. (dry county but someone brought a few cases of beer to the campus). Marcia
  12. thank you for the info. your kiln and underglazes are totally foreign to me, sorry, no help here. wish you well. maybe contact the manufacturer of the underglaze and the kiln maker to see if they can help.
  13. are these engobes ?

    A recipe using EPK , a frit and and a mason stain could be a to of things depending on the quantity. If it is 1/3 of each, it is a cone 04 Val Cushing underglaze recipe. Marcia
  14. I live in Australia and am throwing a dinner set. The stoneware clay needs to be glost fired between 8 and 11. The underglaze I’m using gives a different shade when fired above 9, that is why I am firing high. It didn’t reach the colour that I was after that is why I want to know if I can re-fire at a slightly higher temperature. I have seen a sample and test done at a higher temperature
  15. Newbie without bentonite

    pinkfish, it appears you are somewhere in florida, so am i. not many places to buy ingredients near me. can you say approximately where you are located? it occurred to me that the clerk at the store might have thought you wanted to add a "whitener" and not whiting and you misheard the word.
  16. are these engobes ?

    try our newly attached glossary for a definition of engobe. and the other things you are not sure of. stroke and coat says it is a glaze. the bottles usually have a name on them. maybe someone sells engobes but i have never heard of them being sold commercially.
  17. gas kiln.

    Still drawing plans for my top loading gas kiln. I have read Joe Finch's book " A Brick by Brick Approach" and have just started Frederick Olsen's book. Today I found some used fire brick and was wondering how I could tell it's heat rating? The bricks are marked Walsh XX . Where can I find any info on the rating and or composition of these bricks? Also while I am here. Can a kiln with fiber blanket for the top and sealed with foil be used in a heavy reduction atmosphere? Firing to ^6
  18. My family and I've been making pottery lately and having a lot of fun with it, I'm getting ready to fire them and although I've read a lot of stuff about pit fired clay not being "food safe" (I'm not concerned, and they're only for our personal use) but I just read that they can't hold liquid, that it will go through the cup/vase/teapot/whatever. Is that true?
  19. hello, welcome to the forums. look at the container of underglaze. most of them seem to be rated for cone 06, that is zero six which is not cone 6. if you are firing to a much higher temperature, the underglaze probably will not look at all the same as any sample or test done at a lower temperature. could you tell us something about you and your kiln, experience, etc? we have members from around the world, you could be anywhere. can you give more information about your kiln? someone might have one just like it. we have lots of kiln using experience when you look at the entire membership. more info from you equals more useful info back to you. why are you firing so hot? is there a special technique you want to use?
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  21. Can't answer your underglaze question as I don't usually use it, but congratulations on the new kiln and good luck with it. Joe
  22. Lady, I think that thingy is a part from a transmission, but I'm not sure. I dry my pieces by sandwiching them between plaster slabs.
  23. Blowing bubbles

    Examples of pinholing.
  24. I have just recently got my very first electric kiln so I am on a very steep learning curve. It’s a second hand hexagon kiln and has a top and bottom element with a kiln sitter. I have done a few firings with the larger test cones and it seems to fire about one and a half cones lower which I can now adjust by placing a higher cone in the sitter (I think). My question is I tested some pieces of stoneware with underglaze fired on bisque then clear glaze at a cone 9 and the underglaze didn’t come out the colour that I wanted. Can I re-fire these pieces at cone 11 which will take it to nearly a 10. The clear glaze came out fine other than a few bumps from where it ran in the dipping so I’m hoping they will blend out too
  25. Super New and waiting for a kiln

    McRocks, I am pretty new to clay- only a few classes behind me, but I want to make sure you realize that there are actually health and safety issues in using clays and glazes as well as in firing and that you can also wreck your kiln shelves and cost yourself a lot of money. This is another reason to take a class rather than only experimenting. In the class I took a few months ago, people used broken glass in the phase with glazing. There were people who made beads and mobiles and statuettes, and so forth- not just pots.
  26. Super New and waiting for a kiln

    Remember, Clay king is a store, not a real source of learning. Find a class, take it, put up with the "older people" most of us here are those "older people". this is a VERY broad, deep topic and you need some basics to be able to understand the advice folks here will happily give you, but we can't reinvent your wheel. it's just too much info.
  27. New Skutt wheel issues

    Call them and talk to ONLY Perry, believe me, I'm talking from experience.
  28. are these engobes ?

    Are Mayco Stroke and Coat and Duncan Concepts engobes? The bottles say they can fire from ^04 to ^10 , are true to color and will fire out shiny, like a glaze, but don't run either under or over glazes. also, if I have a recipe that has EPK, mason stains and a frit, is that an engobe and will it behave like these commercial products? I am confused. Thanks for any and all advice /comments.
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