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  2. You don't indicate anything about the entrance/exit options here. If you have a pull down ladder to enter. . . I would nix it. If it is a narrow stair with a turn, I would nix it. However if your stairs are of at least a normal width or wider I would say you should be good to go. I would consider ware boards to carry pots down to the next level, probably best when leather hard. I would consider a skylight for lighting during the day, and several LED hanging panels to keep from having a lot of shadows. Looks like you have enough sockets, You may want to build yourself a throwing area with some way to catch the trimmings etc and keep from having clay tracked everywhere. How about water? Roof top reservoir may work well, with a spigot and bucket with an outside drain to the garden. I would also consider a ware rack somewhere. As far as the kiln firing downstairs make certain it is well vented either with a hood or power downdraft set up. Finally you come to some sort of tool rack/storage area for your bats, tools and other items you may need for throwing along with an hangers for aprons and towels. These are things I would be thinking about if redoing my area with two levels, and should help you out some. best, Pres
  3. hardware cloth is half inch squares for keeping rats out of things like chicken houses and places for trash, the under side of porches and houses and vents under houses. it is really not very strong standing up unsupported.
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  5. Does anyone have their Studio on the 2nd floor of their house? I have the bonus room above the garage that I made into the kids playroom but for some reason they just don't use it, so I'm thinking about making it into my throwing studio. I live in the Memphis area so my garage can get super cold in the winter and I was thinking having an active Kiln in the garage can limit when I can throw and how wares dry. As you can see in the pic I'm using interlocking foam floor squares in the bonus room. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  6. exploding clay tips and why

    This is hard to imagine. I don't think anyone here has ever had such a result. I wish you had pictures...
  7. Glazing interior of cruets

    AS others have said, glaze the interiors of anything functional. Also be careful of clays. Some clay bodies have a range that may be from cone 4-10. Don't think that because it has that range that it is vitrified at ^6. Not anywhere near. I learned the lesson the hard way. All too often the long range clay body will end up soaking up moisture causing problems with inside and outside glaze as in shivering, crazing and even mold. Best to opt for a tight range clay body and stick to it. best, Pres
  8. Shopping for My First Kiln

    Yappy, the plug/receptacle info is on pages 45-46 of the user manual. The KM818 uses a 6-50 plug and the KM818-30A uses a 6-30. Make sure you show both of those pages to your electrician - it has other information they will need to know. I have the KM818-30A and it’s terrific!
  9. Raku Rocket - Kiln #3 by Ian Gregory

    Just to throw more info at this thread, last I heard this kind of smaller gauge wire mesh they sell at hardware stores is often called "hardware cloth". Dumb thing to call it, since it's metal. At least that's what I always used to hear it called. Might find more search results using that term than mesh, but who knows?
  10. Shopping for My First Kiln

    Yes, I was told that by Georgie's after I called them back, but it didn't seem worth updating the thread for. I've got an electrician coming next week, with luck it will go better than the first one. Still trying to decide exactly where to place the kiln now.
  11. Dropped off work at 5 outlets yesterday-only two more to cover before the tropics-I'm taking the lead that Pres started.

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      by this time of winter I am envious. My arms are aching from the snow shoveling. Enjoy the Tropics.



  12. Raku Kiln under construction

  13. One minor wound on my hand from the metal but I'm ok- did the basic construction of the raku kiln frame today then took it to a metal shop for a clean up of my work plus some nice big handles.

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      super glue the wound-works great 

  14. Yesterday
  15. Artspeak

    Here is a useful set of statements from Vince Pitelka, a ceramics professor at Tennessee Tech's Appalachian Center for Craft, about writing your own "artist statement". This is the best guide I have encountered for understanding, using, or writing an artist statement. http://sites.tntech.edu/wpitelka/wp-content/uploads/sites/45/2016/01/How-to-Write-an-Artists-Statement.pdf LT
  16. This will be later in March- after the 3rd-Dates still up in the air. Will be converting an large oval electric to a salt kiln. Element and all electrics are ripped out.Its the last use for this old kiln. Will coat with fiber and spray with my coating . Shelve the bottom with mullite. Up in the air on updraft or downdraft as ceramic materials are far and few between on this sleepy Island of 5,000.I favor down drafts but have no bricks for the stack-Most l.ikely cut a hole in lid. and use a piece of stove pipe is we can find one. Should get some fires out of this before it self destructs. Plan on one salt fire while on Island myself.Last time I did this the results where great. I'll fill in the dates when I know them. markC
  17. Glazing interior of cruets

    (A question for anyone: Stoneware clay fired to cone 6 vitrifies, correct?) is this cone 6 clay? if yes then it may or may not. I would glaze all interiors made for liquids period. Better product better results. stronger better if glazed on all sides.
  18. Artspeak

    Both of these have been accepted into the Conebox show at NCECA in Pittsburgh. At Allegheney Community College within waling distance from the conference center. Opening in Thursday.
  19. Glazing interior of cruets

    Thanks to you both! Will continue to glaze interior as suggested.

    Shadow May has a workshop in May. I wanted to attend, but my son's karate tournament is that weekend. I love his work. He posted about it on his instagram. @shadow_may The class was friday evening, saturday, sunday. They have affordable housing too. It was a good deal.
  21. As you prepare for your talk, make sure to identify for yourself no more than a half dozen big things you got from your periods away from home, ideas you'd like your audience to remember. These should jump out to your listener as you present, because you address them specifically. I'd think about how relevant or timely those are for members of the audience at different stages in their artistic journeys. It would be valuable if there were some take-aways for people young or early in their work and some for people already with more experience.
  22. IMG_1317.JPG experiment

    from a catalpa tree . always loved there large leaves.
  23. May want to wear your flip flops to this event.
  24. Marcia thanks for the great advice. I never considered talking about my daily life there but now that you mention it, I can see how it would be interesting. When I say I lived there part time, I meant that I lived there for a month or two then I would come back to the US and work for another few months then go back to Egypt. I spent a fourth of the year in Egypt divided between two trips, always staying in the same area. I look forward to meeting you. Spring
  25. IMG_1317.JPG experiment

    Cool! Dogwood leaf?
  26. Buying clay for first time

    I would use Plasticine. It's inexpensive at a dollar store, doesn't dry out quickly, won't shrink, can work fine details into it etc.
  27. Buying clay for first time

    I was going to recommend a non-hardening oil-based clay like Klean Klay. Only I googled it and learned that Klean Klay is no longer available. But a company called Van Aken is selling alternatives called Protolina and Plastilina. https://www.amazon.com/Van-Aken-Protolina-Klean-Alternative/dp/B007R5QHYO I used Klean Klay for a project about 10 years ago. If I was doing a claymation I think it would work great. Clays that need to be fired would not work for claymation, due to the drying and shrinking.
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