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  2. yappystudent

    First firing.jpg

    Image is too blurry to get a good look, pretty colors though.
  3. neilestrick

    need to reconstruct a frit

    Borax is soluble, so not a good substitute. Post the recipe you'll be using and one of us can reformulate it for you.
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  5. neilestrick

    Downdraft Reduction balance question

    That sounds much better.
  6. I have a frit that I can not find a substitute for. I have also never understood unity formulas as well. I'm hoping someone cal help translate this back to raw materials The frit number is 1290 it has only 4 components NaO .50 Cao .50 B2O3 1.00 and silica 2.oo Am I guessing correctly that 1 part borax i part whiting and 2 parts silica would be some thing close to the frit or is there a better set of ingredients to use Thanks
  7. I use the PP VM9 and it works well. I don't find the 25# size to be a problem at all and can continually add clay as I go when pugging so its really not limiting other than maybe having to plop some more clay in more often. You mentioned you were not a production potter so I would not get anything bigger if I were you. As far as I can tell It's built just as well as the bigger models (like a tank) and takes less space.
  8. It does look good for work that doesn't contain anything that could be harmful, but not for over underglazes. From their FAQ page "No, Liquid Quartz cannot make your underfired or toxic glazes food safe." https://madeofaustralia.com/data/documents/Liquid-Quartz-General-Information-Sheet-V042016.pdf https://madeofaustralia.com/faq/ Welcome to the forum and thanks for letting us know about it
  9. Stephen_E

    Downdraft Reduction balance question

    Thanks " More air will also increase pressure in the kiln, helping to even it out. " This might be the key concept I needed. Currently firing. I just opened the air to the burners, backed off the gas and presto the bottom peep has a flame. The chimney flames have turned a mix of blue and orange.
  10. Mark C.

    Downdraft Reduction balance question

    A digital pyrometer will really help here as it shows the stall very fast. I'm assuming you are firing stoneware? I fire porcelain and do not do a body reduction but I keep the kiln in light reduction after 1900F until the end point cone 10. The smallest of damper adjustment will change things a lot. I'm talking less than a 1/16 inch when its in the zone . I use an oxygen probe as well but its not needed. Neil explained all you need to know well.
  11. neilestrick

    Downdraft Reduction balance question

    Set the damper so you have flame coming out both spy holes. One will have a lot, the other just a flicker. That ensures you have pressure throughout the kiln, and the reduction atmosphere is getting everywhere. It's a balance between the gas, air, and damper. Solid yellow flame is too heavy of reduction, especially if you're getting smoke. More air will also increase pressure in the kiln, helping to even it out. Could be okay for body reduction, especially if you're doing any carbon trap shino glazes, but not good for the rest of the firing. For body reduction, around cone 08, put the kiln into reduction, adjust the damper as described above, and try to stall it out for about 45 minutes. After that, the rest of the firing can be done in a neutral atmosphere.
  12. I'm firing a Rhode downdraft front load gas kiln. Propane. Not certain what the US equivalent might be. I can't get an even top to bottom firing. Temperature top is plus one cone. It has peeps top and bottom of the door. Top gets indications of steady reduction, bottom little if any. I start the firing with the damper 1/2 closed, am able to make a small damper adjustment (close as I increase gas) once I reach about 800c and both the top peep and the chimney show solid yellow flame, little smoke for a couple minutes then just flame. Good overall temperature rise. It only stalls if I push the damper to where the kiln smokes. Would like to understand how to get better temperature balance, reduction balance? Thanks
  13. JohnnyK


    This album is starting out as a collection of Glaze FX, but will probably morph into something more expansive over time...
  14. Just had a trio of horsehair Raku pots juried and accepted for a local PBS TV station's fall Art Auction!

    1. dhPotter


      Congrats JohnnyK

      Excellent exposure

    2. yappystudent
  15. Hi Jacateb and welcome to the forums... What is it that you want to photograph and how big are these items?
  16. Stardust Pottery

    Underglaze Question

    Hi all, just a few years late in seeing/replying .. recently I've been reading a lot about liquid quartz sealer, which is distributed via Australia (especially convenient for Lilly from etched)! It's essentially used to seal any pottery to make it safe to eat off of and make it impermeabile to liquids .. SUPER COOL stuff
  17. EFirnkes

    Questions about an Old Paragon Kiln

    Thank you, Arnold. I appreciate your help.
  18. EFirnkes

    Questions about an Old Paragon Kiln

    Thank you, Denice. We are keeping this kiln at my family camp because it doesn't have a kiln sitter. We are planning on just opening the giant barn doors and sitting with it, along with a fire extinguisher, while firing. I agree, the electrical does need to be replaced and thankfully we have an electrician willing to donate time. We will just need parts. We are hoping to get this baby to work for a year. Next year, we will put a brand new one in our school budget. We are a start up charter school with big dreams and not a lot of cash. We have to do things in stages! Thank you for your help!
  19. Arnold Howard

    Questions about an Old Paragon Kiln

    I love the pictures you posted. Your kiln appears to be in mint condition. Judging from the outside of the kiln, it has been taken care of and will probably give you many years of useful life. You can test the kiln with these instructions: http://paragonweb.com/ManualInfo.cfm?CID=197 Sincerely, Arnold Howard / Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA ahoward@paragonweb.com / www.paragonweb.com
  20. Denice

    Questions about an Old Paragon Kiln

    I am retiring my old Paragon this summer, it is older than this one. I have had mine for 45 years and it was used when I bought it. I would rewire it if I could but the bricks are crumbling. I noticed that one doesn't have a kiln sitter on it, it might be required in a school for safety reasons. I just priced a set of wires for my kiln and they ran $200. If you have to buy a kiln sitter for it have it rewired you will have at least $500 in the kiln, maybe you will get lucky and the elements have been replaced. I just bought a kiln that size that has a manufacture date of 1969 but it looks brand new. It was from a estate sale at a house where the owner made porcelain doll heads, there was three other smaller kilns that were really worn out. I think this one was to big for her, she had to make a lot of dolls before she could fill it and fire. Every kiln has it's history. Denice
  21. Good morning! I am a teacher in Maine and someone donated a Paragon Kiln. I am working on trying to get it going, and I have an electrician scheduled to come out and look at it, but I am wondering if anyone is operating a kiln this old. I am assuming it is from the mid-70's. The inside is very clean, the heating elements seem to be in place, and there are no cracks. I have attached some pictures and would appreciate advice. Is it worth trying to get it up and going again? Any advice for this model? *****PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES AND MANUAL***** Thank you in advance for your help! ~Elizabeth
  22. Thanks everyone. Someone likely did something in the past that was wrong. The ole guy was stubborn and to my benefit figured it out. It's firing up great now.
  23. Pres

    What's Your Work Music?

    Hmm, I have hearing aids, and usually use a TV for company in the studio. It is turned up to 99, and I still really can't hear it all that well, but it is the combination of sight and sound that keeps me company, and the fact that most of the shows are old friends. However, recently, I got new hearing aids with custom ear pieces, and they are rechargeable, so that means they are pretty much dust free (the old ones would get built up dust on inside filters). So maybe I'll listen to some music in the future, I can always turn to the tv music channels. best, Pres
  24. oldlady

    Super New and waiting for a kiln

    mcrocks, there is another area that is underserved and related to jewelry. the very common display of jewelry on mannequin-like velvet necks and hands is perhaps appropriate for the very delicate kind of work some people make. your work should be featured on something spectacular. i have seen several in a craft gallery in Shepherdstown, wv. they were made by one of the gallery owners and i will not photograph them because they are obviously her personal work and it would be unethical for you to produce anything close . but just the idea might be enough to spark an idea in that very fertile mind of yours.
  25. Pres

    DIY spray booth with waterfall

    My browser still shows them oldlady. . . best, Pres
  26. oldlady

    DIY spray booth with waterfall

    where did they go?? i saw these listed above this afternoon but was unable to follow up right then. now they are gone! oh, fred, how sad after all that work. thank you.
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