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Stoneware Jar. Cone 6

I have been looking to find a combination of glazes that satisfies what I want in my work. I have to finally say I am 100% satisfied with my work.


Finally found a combination of glazes that produce interesting surface effects depending on the thickness of the layering but also have a unique and desirable look. I also really love the layering of fake ash over the top of them to create a more natural aged look. I think this is probably the best pot I have ever made. Only took me three years!


Now to get my butt in gear and start selling pots again. Just thought I would share some success. You all have been there rooting me along the whole way. Thanks for that.


Cone 6. Single Fired. Red Rock: Highwater Clay. 17 hour firing.


Right click image to see large detail shot.

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"I have to finally say I am 100% satisfied with my work."


Glad to hear it! You've worked so hard on your glaze testing this must be a huge relief. Somehow though in the back of my mind I'm thinking you are always going to be searching....

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Oh I will always be testing no doubt about that. I am just saying I have some glazes that I am happy with to sell products and use on the majority of my work. I have plans to run little test along side a productive load of pottery. Something like 95% to sell and 5% to learn.


Im going to start running curry test on developing a really nice fake shino. But yea. The main thing is my kiln won't be 100% test loads anymore!

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Very nice work Joseph. Been patiently following your journey for nearly 2 years. Welcome home.


It has been a long time coming. Thanks for the nice words and following my path. 

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