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Covered jar

Covered jar

Soldate 60, 22 inches tall 4 lbs wet green ware total with lid and handles.

    One of these days I will get over 10" tall.. one of these days. Nice form..

    You do some of the neatest pieces. So cool. 

    Nerd, someday if you get in Santa Clara you stop by the studio and we'll work on some throwing.

    Thanks dh, I have to throw for a film crew on Sunday so I've been doing one jar a day to have a progression of work in different stages of dryness and assembly. Also to have something to raku, that's always fun to watch, so we have to see how things go as I've been more interested in looking for gold lately. Throwing everyday I'm beginning to get the feel back a little and the muscles are slowly returning.

    I have all kinds of family strewn about California.    Sacremento, Long Beach, LA, and San Diego.  I need to get back out there soon; some are in their 80's.

    Really good pottery in modesty. If I ever get to Santa Clara, for sure I would stop by your studio.

    Marko, anytime. You are in the area you are welcome, best to give as much notice as possible in case I'm out running around in the mountains so I can be sure and be around to see you.