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IMG 20170306 172048

IMG 20170306 172048

Yesterday's firing. The black spiral design is new and required practice.!! And there are 6 spiraled designs, not the normal four!!! Try it!

    good to see Heidi still helping you out.  the design is so difficult, i admire your success.

    Thank you Ms old lady. Heidi is hanging in there. You know she's getting old when the wild rabbits in the yard out run her by walking! :). I'm starting to make of this type of pottery... Yesterday I bought a 5 gal.bucket of sand and today a friend of mine brought me 50 lbs.of Tallapoosa River clay he dug Sunday. So I'm on my way home to start making more items. Some for me and some for the animal shelter auction in July!! :)

    They look very archaeological. Reminds me of celtic rock carvings http://www.timetrave...s/rockart.shtml

    I am curious which is your favorite of the 4?

    I like the dark water jar and then either bowl. The dark jar is a copy of an se Indian jar from about 1625 thru 1710 a.d.