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Translucent Plate

Translucent Plate

Test Plate using experimental porcelain


    i wish my test were that beautiful! T

    Very translucent. It's hard to photograph that. If you're familiar with them, how does it compare to Frost and Southern Ice, the two most translucent porcelains I've ever seen?



    I agree, it is difficult to show. I thought your video worked well, movement seems to help.

    I have not yet used Frost or Ice, but I have done many tests using the same New Zealand kaolin, and as far as I can tell using this clay body with NZ kaolin should be more translucent than them, but only because this clay is so highly fluxed and has lower clay content. It has to be fired in a form, or on something flat, and is actually glassy when mature.

    Thanks for your question.

    And thanks Trina


    Matt, all I can say is WOW. I normally work with a black clay body, but that is awesome. (and I have to build props for some of my work for glaze firings too)
    I'm glad there are people with more patience than I producing beautiful work, I candy for Clay workers.