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Torso, 18inches ( 46cm) high

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I have recently started with pottery. My intention is to do sculptural stuff.

This was my 2nd piece of ceramic work. (I have done a bit of sculpturing in wood before).

Any criticism is most welcome, it will help me improve.

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Very talented. The stomach, ribs, hips have very good proportions and show good musculature. The only thing that I would point out would be the breasts, they begin a little too high up and seem a little too far apart - but for a second time sculptor, this is very impressive!!

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This piece reminds me a little bit of Egyptian statues - the coloring and style and shows a very real talent (& love) for sculpting. I suggest for future works you place your sculpture at different heights while sculpting. Meaning, raise and lower the chair you're sitting on OR raise and lower the sculpture itself to constantly be viewing your sculpture from different angles as you are working. Again, I'm sorry for my tardy responses. Night, night.

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