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3 Spill fountain

3 Spill fountain

9.5ft tall 5ft wide tallavera tile, cone 1 majolica, spills and molding cone 6 stoneware

    This is very beautiful. I would love to hear what it SOUNDS like. I think just as beautiful.

    Backyard and courtyard "water features" have become very popular where I live, people spend thousands of dollars on them.
    I don't know about elsewhere in the world.
    Some are beautiful, some really ugly pieces of stainless steel, some look more like a urinal, and some are really kitch.
    Frederik This fountain sounded like a waterfall the first time we turned it on, now we have it tuned down and it's a pleasant sound with very little splashing. I hope to get a better picture of it next spring, one with out the glare. I finished this around Thanksgiving and only had one day to run it before the freeze that night so we have it buttoned down for the winter. But I have more murals I can take pictures of and post.
    The sound of water falling is so beautiful and therapeutic !
    It is maybe a primitive instinct we have of being certain of survival with fresh water.

    With such water features you should think about making a bit of money on the side with them, if you not already are