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Could you go for a visual image on the book, like the look of a tooled leather cover rather than words? I don't think it is as likely for a buyer to be drawn to the dish by the words as that a buyer would decide against the purchase because of the words. But then, I have never bought a greeting card in which words are already printed in it. 

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Sadly the cassius body decided to warp even more, it was already a bit warped as it dried. I'll keep it as a test and not waste the clear glaze on it. However the slip painting did turn out perfectly, looks about the same as on the greenware photo here. 

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Sorry to hear that.  He is a great image...looking forward to see the next one.   On the warping, I usually take a very long time to dry my stuff.  I leave it wrapped in plastic letting only a little air in then slowly bring it out.  Not unusual for me to dry something for more than a month sometime 2 months.  (I do like making tiles and low bowls). 

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