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Tom Lucas | Presenter at PC Functional Ceramics+Beyond

Functional Ceramics + Beyond | Potters Council Conference

September 23-25, 2011
Indianapolis, Indiana
Hosted by AMACO/brent


Featured Artists:

Tom Lucas, Brooke Noble, Don Reitz, Nan Rothwell, McKenzie Smith
and AMACO® Technical and Professional Ceramic Artist staff.

Functional is Beautiful
Making functional pots is challenging, inspiring and satisfying. Where else can you enjoy something from the moment you start to make it, and each time you use it? Whether you’re serving cool drinks from a pitcher, soup in a bowl or fruit on a platter, functional pieces complement your food and reveal your sense of style. Each of our presenters have developed their own functional style–some steeped in tradition and others going a step beyond. No matter how simple or utilitarian, this conference takes you past the every day function of a piece by paying tribute to the elegant union between surface and form.

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