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  2. What country are you in? whats HTP? also what is Iceberg kaolin's alumina content-if you had say epk (Edgars Plastic EPF from Florida it has enough alumina to keep warping down-you could just as say 3% more but since I have never heard of Iceberg epk I do know the contents of it? When our cone 10 slip cast products slumped we cured this by a cheap fix of just little more alumina which was in the epk.
  3. liambesaw

    Brown Slip warping and cracking?

    It looks like it's mostly redart as the clay body and redart has really low plasticity, I don't see any Ball clay or anything else to increase plasticity but I also don't know what HTP is. I don't have any experience slipcasting but plasticity seems like it would be pretty important.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hello, I have a question about a certain slip casting recipe. (Quick Backstory) I work at a ceramic factory that forms with slip in plaster molds. We have two clay bodies for slip casting, one of which is a dream to work with. However the other seems to be a bit more problematic. The pieces have a high chance to warp in the kiln once fired to cone 7. They also seems extremely happy to crack in the mold on the handles of mugs and T cups. I also have notices once the pieces are finished and cleaned with water and a sponge, small longs cracks inside the mug start to appear once dried. This is not all mugs but some. I have not gotten the proper knowledge behind recipe formulation to review the recipe and conclude a certain error in its ingredients or proportions of ingredients. I would like to just post the recipe and ask if their are any glaring issues that pop out? 54.8041237113402 % REDART 13.855670103092784% ICEBERG/KAOLIN 10.88659793814433% SILICA 9.896907216494846% KYANITE 5.938144329896907 HTP 3.958762886597938% SPODUMENE 1.0309278350515463% BENTONITE My apologies for the format, Thanks!
  6. Look at all those mugs! I can't remember- are these for a booth at a holiday show?
  7. JohnnyK

    pottery studio in home

    I use an old painted door for a smooth table...very easy to keep clean. I do my wedging on a 2'x2' piece of birch plywood. If I do anything with slabs, I have a couple of different size sheets of canvas that are easily cleaned after I'm done with the piece, and if I have to suck some moisture from small quantities of clay, I use some of my plaster bats. JohnnyK
  8. Use a chamois on the lips as this will help round them over.
  9. If these are all greenware, you can still round the rims by taking a wet sponge or chamois or even fine sandpaper to them. Just be careful with the handling of the pieces since they are very fragile. The handles do need some refinement as some of what you show are a little rough. I'm guessing that you are pulling them. What's the possibility of extruding them since you have to make so many? You can pre-form them and store them in a damp box until you need them... Keep up the good work and great effort! JohnnyK
  10. Thank you Neil! That is exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for. My next batch I will make sure to have thinner, rounded lips.
  11. neilestrick

    180 days along, run of 40 mugs

    You're doing great! If I may offer one piece of advice, it is to make the lips of the mugs thinner and more rounded. A thinner lip is more comfortable to drink from, and a rounded lip will be smoother.
  12. Well it's been 6 months since I started going to the studio, things are moving along quite nicely I think. Sometimes it does not feel like that, the glazing is still a crap shoot and often disappointing, but seeing a bunch of greenware mugs on the table with the handles all done feels great. A few blunders here and there, lost a few, tossed a few, but I feel like the quality has gone up quite a bit. I even got creative with a few of them and experimented with handles and tried lots of different mug shapes. I need to make another 300 handles it seems, before it really clicks, some of these are still pretty amateur. Throwing the forms has gotten way easier and faster, maybe still a tad heavy on the bottom for some of them, but not boat anchors like some of my previous attempts. Thanks in a big way to all of you that have helped me with the bazillion questions and given great feedback, the folks on this forum are awesome! Any and all critiques, criticisms or comments appreciated
  13. Mullins Pottery

    Making a cone 04 clay go to cone 10

    Thanks guys I appreciate the suggestions. I'm definitely going to give kaolin a try.
  14. Kristy

    pottery studio in home

    I also read that canvas isnt good to use because it holds dust....yikes...I love working with canvas.
  15. Wow!! Thought a guild that you are a member of would be more accommodating. I don't think you should withdraw, but you may consider making a formal request for them to explain what in their rules prohibit them from accommodating your needs. I don't think that they would want to be linked with a discriminatory process.
  16. I'm unclear on why the plates are upside down?They should be fired on their feet rightsize up.Also are you firing them to fast or cooling to fast? A kiln load of plates should be slow fired and slow cooled. These look like prefinished bought plates?
  17. Kristy

    pottery studio in home

    This is good to hear. I would definitately be more strict about cleaning and not leaving bits of clay around. I like the shoe idea!
  18. nancylee

    How To Improve?

    Hi, Thanks for sharing your struggles! I have paid for coaching. I have paid for group lessons, and private lessons, but at a certain weight of clay, it always falls apart. And sometimes falls apart at a lesser weight of clay. I have been throwing regularly, and that seems to help. Nanc
  19. nancylee

    How To Improve?

    Thanks! I find that too. If I have the wheel too fast, the clay just knocks me around.
  20. nancylee

    How To Improve?

    Thank you Pres, for sharing your experience and wisdom. I have been throwing the last few days, and already see improvements!! I'm going to keep doing it for the next few weeks. Will update! Nancy
  21. ya know you might suggest that they could revise the policy to allow a 'buddy' system of 2, 3 or even a small group working together during one eight hour shift and frame it as being to broaden participation. I assume the whole point of having the wood kiln and the firing is to promote and enrich the pottery experience. There are many, many health situations that are not immediately visible that would make it impossible to 'work' an entire 8 hour strenuous shift. COPD, back issues etc etc. The other question that comes to mind is if the Guild is truly about mission when it come to this kiln or if some members see this wood kiln as some sort of personal domain or perc and thus inclusiveness is not really part of the agenda to begin with.
  22. lgusten

    Home Insurance and potters

    As I saw the water coming in the other night and under the kiln, I thought about my insurance. Guess I need to talk to my State Farm agent. (BTW, they would not have covered any water damage because I do not have flood insurance). Glad I saw this topic today.
  23. Doubt that, but then it does work really well. Over the years I have always had trouble trimming these lids for any type of jar. One of the reasons I always threw lids upside down. Not that I have solved this issue for myself, I can move on. Wonder if I should copyright the spoon idea? best, Pres
  24. Callie Beller Diesel

    pottery studio in home

    Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your new studio! I don't personally have an air purifier in my basement studio. I work as clean as I can, and wet mop after every trimming, glazing and reclaim mixing session. By wet mop, I mean I pour about 5-6 gallons of water on the floor (the room is about 10'x12') and mop it up thoroughly. Preventing the clay dust from getting airborne in the first place is a better practice than using a filtration device to clean it up after its in the air where you can breathe it. I also have a very strict studio shoes rule so that clay dust doesn't get tracked through the rest of the house.
  25. Pres, you are too clever for your own good...
  26. Yappy I have started carrying a letter with my from my neurologist that I am disabled. I haven't applied for a handicapped tag yet, I am not ready for the abuse people give you when they don't think you are disabled but are using a handicapped parking spot. MS is one of those invisible diseases also unless you have progressed to a wheelchair. I was buying clay the other day and the lady I usually deal with was having trouble putting the clay in my car. He hands were curled up so tight from arthritis that she couldn't grasp the box. I helped her pick them up and told her that two old ladies could do it if we worked together. She laughed. Now that my husband is retiring I will have help. Denice
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