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  2. Kiln Install on Deck

    Durock cement board is described as mold and water resistant . . . and there's a difference between water resistant and water-proof. Cement board is generally used as a backing, not an exposed surface.
  3. 2017 work

  4. The BUSINESS of Pottery

    I came to pottery from a painting background so I was more comfortable showing work in a gallery setting. I am starting to push myself to make more work and show more places. This post was a great reminder to me to keep pushing. Thank you!
  5. Kiln Install on Deck

    I know it can hold up to water just fine, but I would expect that it would tend to spall from freeze-thaw. I don't think it would totally fall apart, since there are fibers helping hold it together.
  6. Kiln Install on Deck

    Does anyone know how cement board does outside? It's a great clay work surface, because of it's porosity, but will this same porosity cause issues, when temperatures drop below freezing, and it has absorbed moisture from the air?
  7. Kiln Install on Deck

    Sorry, Bruce. I think if it sat directly on the wood floor without a stand you would have a fire on the first firing. Any sort of bricks or cement board will do the job.
  8. Kiln Install on Deck

    Looks like we need to step back and take a deep breath . . . It is okay to respectfully disagree or challenge on content, but let's avoid making comments that characterize members personally. That is not what the Forum is about. And, I'm not singling out this thread . . . it has also occurred in some other recent ones. We all bring different strengths -- whether experience, education, or whatever -- to the discussions and all of our members, whether professionals, students, or newbies, benefit from those strengths. Sputty's comment is accurate regarding the auto-ignition point of wood. And the suggestion of a layer of bricks with aluminum foil is a valid one -- it would satisfy the manufacturer's suggestions listed by Neil. One clarification I'd like to see is whether Sputty's kiln is sitting directly on the OSB floor or if there is a layer of bricks/stand that separates the kiln floor from the OSB floor. One clarification I'd like to see is whether the Milwaukee fire cited by Neil involved a kiln directly on the floor or if it was raised above the wood floor with a stand or layers of brick or other materials.
  9. PQotW: Week 26

    4,3,4,3 I was leaning toward Zinc, it seems like every C6 mat glaze I use has expensive Zinc oxide in it. Denice
  10. Kiln Install on Deck

    Funny. But I stand by what I said. There are exceptions to every rule, and I'm glad your setup has not caused any problems for you, but a non-flammable floor is needed. It's not worth the risk. I have personally seen many discolored floors under kilns, and there was a kiln up in Milwaukee that started a fire because of a situation like this.
  11. Kiln Install on Deck

    Fine. If it bothers you that much, it's gone.
  12. Don't know how to see Members' gallery

    1. Joseph F

      Joseph F

      Go to the browse tab at the top, then there is a sub area called Gallery.

  13. The BUSINESS of Pottery

    On a regular basis, I meet a young potter who is on the cusp. Their line of work is well developed, their marketing skills are current, they understand the industry. Basically they are doing everything Chris is writing about. The most common hurdle that potters at this stage are struggling with is the volume. It is now dawning on them how many pots it takes to add up to a real income. They are struggling to make their pots fast enough, because their production speed is still too slow. They feel like they can't possibly maintain the pace. I tell them that I can still remember when I had the same view. The answer is to keep cranking out pots, and a few years later you'll be amazed at how much less time and energy each pot takes. You have to slog through that phase. Like John said, after a bunch of years, it's easy! I recently saw a picture of myself from 2006. My arms were so skinny.
  14. my question would be. If you wanted to and had the means, which part of the process would you assign to an apprentice/assistant?
  15. A few tips on Magma use-I mix some up and keep in in a sealed container. Its looks and feels like snot.The small amount of copper keeps it from going bad. I make it with HOT water. It mixes in glazes best with warm water.You can add it to say a small amount of hot water then into the cold water in a glaze bucket once it diluted. Just make sure your glaze is already not top thin to add water to. I often heat a little glaze in an old pan and add this to that if the gravity is already right.Then it dissolves well and add that back into larger batch.
  16. http://shop.brackers.com/MAGMA-Miracle-Anti-Gravity-Multipurpose-Additive-P3316.aspx
  17. The best way to find shows is go look at the show and talk to other potters about the show.This takes time but pays off.
  18. If I recall those instructions are on the big ceramic store web site. If not I can post them
  19. I just received a package of Magma to try out & it mentions to follow the directions carefully. Hope I can find them online as there was no instruction sheet in the box. I have the scales and a hydrometer & the graduated cylinders so I think i'm all set- after I find those instructions!
  20. An egg next to your piece gives a very good idea of size and looks nice too. Lin
  21. Yesterday
  22. bought some paper clay to try... I LOVE IT!! thank you for the suggestion. this may be a whole new thing for me.
  23. I just skimmed this thread, so I don't know if anyone suggested festival.net? It has more street fair type shows, less expensive, not the big $500 to $1000 entry shows. I am trying a few this fall. We shall see. Nancy
  24. I think I had too high expectations for my last show, although it was expensive and a 3 day show. My best jewelry friend won't go back to a show unless she makes 5K for 2 days, at least 6K for 3 days. She works in silver, but her jewelry is expensive. So I figured that for 3 days, I should have made at least 3K for my time. Ha!!! Not even remotely close!!
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