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  2. I have a recipe for a low expansion glossy clear that might fit my impossible 6.0 COE Cone 5 Porcelain but my supplier doesnt carry Ferro Frit 3249. I am wondering if it is even possible to schange it with something else. Any ideas? Or am I pretty much stuck ordering it online and waiting?
  3. @curt That is pretty much what I thought. The glaze is so radically altered that it cant be used and now I cant use a low expansion glossy I found because my supplier doesn't carry ferro frit 3249 so I am a little screwed with a glaze I found that supposedly would fir the clay (below) So I am quite frustrated.
  4. I am in Austin Texas and yes, I would love to know a good cone 6 porcelain with say a manageable 7.2 COE but everyone keeps their recipes close to the proverbial vest and there isnt much I can do about it. And no, I dont like stoneware, tried it a couple times but never got into it. I have gotten good with porcelain for a beginner. Below is a pic of my last Bisque result with not one failure. (I use cut in half cylinders as test tiles so they are that way on purpose. I have been looking for such a recipe but also I would love to actually have some glazes that work on my current items. Just found this glaze below but annoyingly my supplier doesn't carry frit 3249 and I don't know how to substitute it. Every glaze I go to I run into roadblocks. Last bisque run ... 100% success NOTHING cracked in the slightest
  5. PQotW: Week 29

    Oh well, Lee, call it a refresher. best, Pres
  6. AH sorry I had no idea about this rule but it makes sense reading all your comments. I thought it was interesting how the world of the handmade interacts with other spheres of our lives, especially through events and charities or donations that carry some special meaning. Maria, your sculpture is very powerful!
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  8. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    @neilestrick I misread your post earlier. So I should push the TC to the end of the tube and leave it touching? I mean I can hear it physically touching the end of the tube. I thought I read one of your post somewhere else that it shouldn't be touching the end of the tube. I am confused. Just want to confirm, right now it is not touching the end.
  9. Yeah - I think she realised something was up when cone 6 took 16 hours...
  10. PQotW: Week 29

    Hmmm---somehow I missed this one...and doggonit...woulda been right LOL
  11. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    You should be able to get about 150 firings, combined bisque and cone 6, from a set of elements. TC's may last longer. Just check the element resistance at 100 firings with a meter and see where you're at. No sense changing them early if you don't have to.
  12. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    It is definitely K type. I replaced it with another. I mean 16 dollars is pretty cheap for 2 TCs. Mine were not that brittle, thats crazy.
  13. Bet it was a type 'K' By coincidence, I changed the elements of a friend's kiln today. The old elements were so brittle, you could crunch them to dust in your hands like cornflakes. I've never seen anything quite like it.
  14. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    Yea. I think that was why my kiln has been overfiring recently. It has slowly gotten worse and worse. My elements were bad as well. They broke several times when I was taking them out. Gonna start replacing them a lot sooner I think. Maybe at 100 firings. I will also change TCs then I guess. The black metal was like that in both tubes, so double that amount shedding on pots. Who in the heck would put up with that. No way I wouldn't have a protection tube installed if that was happening!
  15. Well doing shows far away can have advantages. My last show was 1000 miles away in another state. Since I knew this show date about one year in advance I tried to pack in some other errands along the way. This can make the show trip way more efficient. I always have a medium wholesale order twice a year from a pottery gallery near Hearst castle in California so I planned on dropping this order ($2,500) at another potter who lives near and who also takes pots to this place. I also had a Doctor’s appointment in San Francisco (once a year). As a side note my sister lives near Santa Barbara (Summerland) and my nephew Aki was getting married the weekend after show. I was able to pack and drop wholesale order after show on return trip. Spent 5 days working on wedding things (grunt worker) stringing 1000 paper cranes –stacking off venue on beach for 150 guests-taking the chilled sake to venue as well as the glassware’s and table cloths. Made custom sake sets –cups and flasks for both bride and groom and their families for keepsakes. Spent 7 days in Summerland and swam in am in ocean before breakfast. My wife flew down midweek and helped and we drove north after wedding via SF for doctor. Last day was heading thru fire zone in north bay area. Saw helicopters and super tankers dropping fire retardant. Traffic was slow-still working hard on fire suppression in Napa and Sonoma and Mendocino counties. The drive was a tad over 2000 miles. I had a solid show 2 day with 273 customers spending an average of $28.00. Now it’s back to xmas production. Playtime is over.
  16. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    Yep, that TC was shot! And no, don't pull it back. Just leave it tight against the end of the tube. Fire away! Imagine if all that black metal from inside the protection tube had shed into your kiln and onto your pots and shelves....
  17. Firing two glaze fires today-seem like it was only a few days ago but its been two weeks

  18. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    So. I love my L&L Kiln. Nothing like finishing in less than 2 hours. Changing elements and TCs was a breeeeeeze. @neilestrick just to confirm. I put the TCs in the tube, then loosened the screws that hold them in place. Then I pushed them all the way until they hit the end of the protection tube, then I pulled them back about 1/4''. That sound about right? Here is a picture of the new and TC with 290 firings. Also here is a video of what was inside of my protection tube. Both of them were like this.
  19. It would be easier and faster to test some clay bodies from other suppliers. Where are you located? We all might be able to make some suggestions for nearby options.
  20. I guess the question becomes when do I ditch the supplier and formulate my own clay body that I can be more sure of the COE.
  21. Changing elements and TCs. Then doing the element break-in firing while I clean my studio and mix some glaze. FUN DAY! 

    1. Joseph F

      Joseph F

      And finished about 30 minutes ago. Gotta love L&L. Making frenchfries to eat while my kiln breaks in! Yummm. Pictures going to the forum post about the TC's now.

  22. Answer Keys are added to PQotW #28 & 29. Sorry that I have been behind the times. Acting nurse is hardly able to even get this latest bisque glazed.:wacko:

  23. Mason Stain in base glazes

    It comes out to 6.69, ok, I'll give it a try. Thanks
  24. The BUSINESS of Pottery

    I am currently expanding to more wholesale as I slow down on shows.Its more making and less of the final price-My two wholesale deals are 40% and 35%.very similar to old school consignment deals. I also have one that is 50% of final price
  25. Mason Stain in base glazes

    Hi Ron, The large amount of RIO in the Licorice Black glaze recipe has an effect to reduce crazing, as does the cobalt. I would suggest not including colouring oxides in your COE figures, click "phantom" with your Insight program next to them so they are not included in the math and see what the COE comes out as. Yup stains change the COE, 6600 has cobalt, chrome, iron and nickel, thing is we can't find out the proportions of each so back to trial and error testing. What you don't want to do is put a high expansion glaze on the outside of a pot and a low one on the inside (or vice versa) as this can lead to dunting.
  26. Micheal Cardew Ray Finch Phil Rogers taught me loose is ok. I expect these fellows are listed elsewhere and maybe I've missed them here but anyone finding this list should know these folks - even if mentioned more than once.
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